Setting Laptop WiFi Hotspot Becoming Common With USB Modem

Setting Laptop WiFi Hotspot Becoming Common With USB Modem

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Friday, February 03, 2012

The first requirement to make the laptop as a hotspot, is that you must use the Windows 7 that supports Ad Hoc WiFi, besides that make sure you have a USB modem or if you use a connection like Speedy, it's better for sharing the internet could be faster.

Click the Connection icon in the lower right corner, then click Open Network and Sharing Center, though more clearly see the image below.

Next, click on the menu Setup a New Connection or Network

Select Set Up a Wireless Ad Hoc (Computer to Computer) Network, click Next

On the setup, fill in the requested data.Network Name: Can be filled in accordance freely, such as Free Wifi Hotspot, WiFi Hotspot Laptop!

Security Type: let more safely choose WPA2-Personal (so anyone who would Hotspot Connect to us, will have to fill in the password), can also select the No Authentication (each person can freely Connect to Wifi Hotspot us) in samples taken the first option ie No Authentication

Security Key: Free (useful, if later one wants to connect to the Hotspot us, it must enter the same password with the Security Key)

Put a tick in the Save This Network.

Now, you have a Wifi Hotspot. Please Click Connect to start emitting Wifi Hotspot. As below.

To test whether the path of this Wifi Hotspot, you can try using a mobile phone that already has a WiFi connection. In the picture below, using Wifi Hotspot HP looks that we just created has been read by the phone and you can surf on the HP direct connect using an internet connection from Laptop Wifi Hotspot.

If you want to surf while on the phone, you have problems like this.


Properties of the solution into the modem connection you use. In the examples the authors use a connection from Telkomsel (shown in picture Connected status) click on the Connected text then right click and select Properties.

Put a tick on "Allow other Network Users to Connect Through This Computer's Internet Connection" and click OK to save changes.

Time to try again, Wifi Hotspot in the mobile phone, and looks like the picture below, the mobile phone can surf using WiFi Hotspot we have made.

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