uQuran, How To Read Al-Quran on mobile phone Nokia

uQuran, How To Read Al-Quran on mobile phone Nokia

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Tuesday, January 17, 2012

uQuran, How To Read Al-Quran on mobile phone Nokia - uQuran contains 30 chapters and 114 letters are available in letter hijaiyah. The menu consists of the included go to verse, play Recitation, add / remove bookmarks, show bookmarks, options, run diagnostics, exit and index.
Like a driver, go to verse ready to take users to a particular paragraph of his choice. So, if you want to read the surah Al-Baqarah verse 255, just select the menu go to verse. Then, type 255. If you have to enter numbers, select done. In addition to verse, the menu can also be used to select letters and juz.

The letters contained in the uQuran not only readable, but also be heard by selecting the menu play Recitation. However, free version only offers audio for Surah Al Fatihah.

If you want to make sure whether your phone supports audio, select the menu run diagnostics. If the menu displays the answer YES on the line containing the phrase supports MP3 audio and AMR audio support, it means the phone can be used to listen to the Quran.

If users want the device can read the entire letter, he should download the Pro uQuran offered paid.

Another menu, which is adding a bookmark function to mark the last paragraph is read. Show bookmarks to continue reading, if you want to exit out of the application, and the index to display the list of letters.

After installing uQuran, you can fill free time with reading the Quran. Good luck.

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