The Characteristics of the True Android Users

The Characteristics of the True Android Users

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Friday, January 06, 2012

The Characteristics of the True Android Users - There is a unique study conducted by BlueStacks. The agency tried to uncover what features Android user true. What do you include?

Complete data characteristics that illustrated Android users in a simple picture

The study was given the name 'Mr Android', and has been followed by 145 thousand correspondents. Small-scale research is carried out through Facebook that generate unique findings, revealed that, like what features Android users.

As quoted from PCMag, Monday (02/01/2012), according to the survey 33% of users never buy Android apps for their phones, and 13% claimed to have more than 50 kinds of applications.

Besides physical characteristics revealed the Android users, the bespectacled 37%, 71% prefer to use T-shirts instead of shirts, and 62% happy to use a pair of jeans.

Another fact which disclosed the results of such research is, 27% ​​users are from Europe, 28% from Asia and most of the United States with the acquisition of 36%.

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