Reviews about the PS3, Wireless, and Headset

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Saturday, September 10, 2011

PS3 Wireless Headset - PS3 Wireless Headset - Product of the Sony Playstation is now a trend worldwide, especially in America. The newest game product is Playstation 3, where this product has many advantages that can spoil its users. Here are the complete review of Playstation 3 Wireless Headset

There are many matching accessories for Playstation 3 which is a product of Sony, including controllers, audio and video input devices like microphones and video cameras, and cables sound better picture quality. 

Further information: List of Bluetooth headsets compatible with PS3 

Playstation 3 game does not support audio through USB headset. However, most commercial USB headset can be used for voice communications. In addition, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 support multiple USB accessories, including USB SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs headset by Logitech, Singstar microphone and built-in microphone for video chatting on the EyeToy and voice (though the game associated with the EyeToy Play EyeToy is not available for use PlayStation 3s in Europe). PlayStation 3 supports Bluetooth technology, all types of wireless headsets are compatible with this system. However, a Bluetooth wireless headset is not compatible with PlayStation 2 that uses a USB headset and a USB headset because it still must be used (although this could potentially be resolved with a firmware update in the future). Vantage Wireless Headset for PlayStation 3. Blu-ray Disc retail version of Warhawk comes with a Bluetooth headset the Jabra BT125 in North America and Jabra BT135 in Europe.
The headset will be paired with a Blu-ray version of SOCOM:. U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation is the official Bluetooth headset for the PlayStation 3, which comes with a charging cradle that may be charged when connected to one USB port systems. 
Official headset that can produce high-quality sound, and there is a setting volume level, battery level, charging status and connection status indicators on the display screen in the PS3. The headset can be used as a microphone when docked in the charging cradle - the sound output from the PS3 automatically transferred to TV in this case. Official PS3 headset is also compatible with the PSP Go, as well as Bluetooth capable PCs and mobile phones. 
In November 2010, Sony announced that it will produce a new version of the Bluetooth headset, smaller 30% and will replace existing models. The redesigned headset also features noise cancellation technology robust. An "Urban Camouflage" headset version was released on 19 April 2011 in the U.S. to coincide with the launch of SOCOM 4:. U.S. Navy SEAL. 
These are full review of the Playstation 3 wireless headset that is now a trend throughout the world, especially in the United States. 
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Steve Jobs Back From the CEO of Apple Corp.

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Saturday, September 03, 2011

CALIFORNIA - Shocking news came from the world's largest electronics company Apple Corp., Steve Jobs is also CEO of the company was officially resign. After several rumored to be resigning, finally Steve Jobs officially announced his resignation from Apple.  

As quoted from the Wall Street Journal on Thursday (08/25/2011), Steve Jobs said that he was no longer able to continue his duties as CEO at Apple, and pointed to Tim Cook, Chief Operating Officer (COO) Apple as a replacement. 

In a message he wrote, Steve Jobs has always said that would come a day when he will no longer be able to perform duties as CEO of Apple. And that day has arrived. The Apple says that he wrote his resignation letter on Wednesday and suggested that Tim Cook was appointed as his successor. Cook also stated by Apple will soon fill the vacant positions. 

The appointment of Cook as the new CEO of Apple has been agreed upon by the entire board of directors of the company. Can Cook continued leadership of Steve Jobs and Apple to bring more successful?
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Sony Launches World's First Tablet Fold

Posted by Raden Wijaya

First in the world - because they do not want to lose by two main competitors namely iPad and Galaxy Tab, Sony Corp launched the world's first Tablet Fold. The name of folding tablet is Tablet-P, launched by the world's electronics giant Sony Corp.. Products that will be released in the market of Europe and America in the Christmas holiday season has many advanced features that do not exist on other tablets. Here's the full review:
Tablet-P has a 4.1 inch screen on each fold, another great both screens can be combined so much like the Notebook and the Galaxy that has been used to dominate the market. The tablet also has two cameras that allow users to do the teleconferencing. In addition, this product is also equipped with 3G, so as to provide comfort for browsing the Internet, send emails, view videos, music and much more. 

Tablet-P is specifically designed to rival the dominance of Notebook and the Galaxy that has been used to dominate the market of gadget world. It is estimated that Sony's new product will be released to the market of Europe and America in the Christmas holiday season this year. 

Tablet-P is sold in the market with $ 420 price range. Quite cheap for a product first and most sophisticated gadgets fold at this time. 

In addition to Tablet-P, Sony also unveiled the traditional tablet Tablet-S. This product has some similarities with the other gadgets on the market. Starting from the shape of the screen with a width of 9.1 inches, equipped with WiFi and features other internet explorer. Especially for type-S Tablets sold about $ 400. So what you like, Sony Tablet-P or Tablet-S. 

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Quick Translates Office Files and PDF

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Thursday, September 01, 2011

There are several easy ways in which you can translate English-language site quickly. However, what if we want to translate Microsoft Office documents or PDF files from one language to another. 

For example, you can upload documents to Google's Web site Translation, select the translation language pairs and hit the Translate button. Then there, you will see Translator Toolkit, where you may not only translate documents, but also edit the translated material. However you should be aware of the limitations of Google Translate in translating a sentence. 

Moreover, to translate a long document, is likely to occur a few mistakes in translation, so you have to slightly edit it. You can use Google Translate to translate PDF, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, video sub-titles, OpenOffice documents and plain text files. If you want your translated document that looks like the original according to the format is concerned, you can try DocTranslator. 

Though there are still written Beta, but this tool is quite useful. You can upload a document, select the target language and within a minute or more, DocTranslator will translate all the text of the document into the language that you needed to keep the format of the document. We hope that Quick Translates Office Files and PDF is useful for you all. Good luck. 

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Super Cheap Sale HP Touchpad $ 99, Because Liquidated

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HP TouchPad Sale - HP sent a memo to affiliates so that they give discounts on HP products Touchpad, the new price is $ 99 for the 16GB edition and $ 149 for the 32GB edition, The day after the announcement of the cessation of production of the device WebOS. 

"HP is gaining share over TouchPad Wi-Fi 16GB at the beginning of the week," writes Corcoran. 

"We will focus on the future of the WebOS platform as software but we will no longer produce the WebOS," said Richard Kerris, senior vice president of HP's global developer relations, "This is a difficult decision, but this is what will strengthen our ability to focus on further innovation with WebOS as we would expect in the future."  
HP informed that they would stop making all the WebOS powered devices, including smartphones, 3 Pre, in order to shift the focus to the development of the OS instead of hardware manufacturing, on last Thursday. 

At least two Canadian retailers (Best Buy and Future Shop) has given a big discount, even though the two outlets that restrict the sale until August 22, shortly after it was announced on August 20, as evidence that a delayed fashion is not always a good thing, the white 64GB edition has been appeared on the U.S. site HP, sporting $ 600 asking price, leaving us to wonder, either: why now? If all that was not enough to turn upside down smile, is playing host webOS roundup bad rumor, with what they say is an internal memo from AT & T stated that the launch carrier of theHP TouchPad has "completely canceled".

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