10 Facts About Infertility: Why can not I get pregnant soon?

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pregnancy Miracle - Whether you're struggling to get pregnant? Are you frustrated, or angry because you do not get pregnant despite all the efforts you have done? If you answered yes, then let me tell you about the 10 facts about infertility that can hinder a person to get pregnant.

You may often wonder, why do not I get pregnant soon? To be able to get pregnant, there are two conditions that must be met, namely the couple should have intercourse fertility and timing must be precise. If you are not pregnant, you and your partner might have fertility problems or not having sex at the right time. 10 Understanding the basic facts about infertility following can help you figure out the problem.

1. If your partner is difficult to have children, there must be an error on the part of women.

It's wrong. Both men and women could have a role to difficulties having children. The three main causes of infertility are sperm problems, ovulation problems, and problems of the fallopian tubes. About 20% of all infertility cases are caused by the male alone, 40% by the female alone, and 10% are caused by both. The rest could not be found the problem.

2. Sperm can survive for several days.

It's right. Sperm can survive up to 5 days in the right environment, such as in the cervix, uterus and fallopian tubes. That's why you still get pregnant even though the new ovulate on day 5 after sex.

However, most sperm will die within 1-2 days after ejaculation, even in the womb. In other environments, such as the vagina, the sperm only survive a few hours. Outside the human body and are exposed to open air, the sperm will die within minutes.

3. Orgasm increases the chances of pregnancy.

It's wrong. A woman should not get an orgasm to get pregnant. Even a man does not have to get a full orgasm to impregnate his wife. He can release semen into the vagina before having an orgasm (pre-ejaculate sperm). There are opinions that say pregnancy will be more easily achieved if a woman have an orgasm, but that opinion is not and can never be proven conclusively.

4. Good health can prevent the decline in fertility due to age factor.
It's wrong. One of the most common myths is that good health can maintain the level of fertility. They think that if they take care of yourself by eating and exercising properly, they will not decrease fertility.

But it was not true. Fertility decreases with increasing age, regardless of the condition of our health. In most women, fertility begins to decline in the mid-twenties. As shown in the graph at right, women are at peak fertility at ages 20 to 24 years. After that age the possibility of pregnancy has declined sharply while the likelihood of infertility increases sharply. Men can remain fertile for longer but male fertility still decline with age, although not dramatically.

5. Infertility can not be treated or are too expensive to treat.

It's wrong. Many couples mistakenly judged that they did not get pregnant without ever consulting a doctor. They assume that nothing can be done or if they see a doctor it would be very expensive medical bills. This misunderstanding makes many couples do not seek medical advice on problems that may in fact be treated easily and inexpensively. In 85-95% of cases, infertility can be treated by conventional medicine and surgical correction of the reproductive organs.

If you are not pregnant a year after they were trying to get pregnant or you have irregular menstrual cycles or having basal body temperature chart with no ovulation, then you should consult with a physician. Some types of fertility treatments are expensive, but many also cheap.

6. Your pregnancy is very small chance if you only have sex after ovulation.

It's right. To increase the chances of your pregnancy, you should have sex regularly, especially on the days you are fertile. For that, you need to know how to calculate your fertile period. You need to have sex regularly twice a day in your fertile period. You can just have sex every day at that time, but it did not improve the chances of your pregnancy.

7. The best time to have sex is on the 14th day of your menstrual cycle.

It's wrong. The best time to get pregnant quickly is to have sex regularly within 4-5 days before and on the day of ovulation. No specific study day or best time to have sex so you can get pregnant.

8. Certain sex positions to give greater opportunity to conceive.

It's right. The missionary position is one of the best sex positions for getting pregnant. The missionary position is the most optimal for conception, although you can get pregnant with any sexual position.

In the traditional missionary position, you lie on your back with legs spread and knees bent. The husband was on facing you. Another variation of this position, among others, is you pick up one or both legs, and her husband hold it or put on his shoulders. The missionary position supports for pregnancy because the vagina is tilted downward toward the cervix, making it easier for sperm to pass through the cervix and into the uterus. In addition, the missionary position allows the penis to penetrate deeper into the vagina, so sperm can enter the cervix more quickly and right after ejaculation.

In addition to the missionary position, sex positions from behind where you are kneeling or prone also allows sperm radiated close to the cervix.

9. Stress can cause infertility.

It's right. Stress can delay ovulation by pressing the hormone. If your stress affects the quality of work or your life, your fertility may also be affected. However, if your stress is still mild fertility is usually unaffected. Except, if it makes you so reluctant to have sex.

10. Certain lifestyle can reduce male fertility.

It's right. Most male infertility problems are due to the quality or quantity of poor sperm. To produce good sperm, the testicles (scrotum / testicles) should be at optimum temperature is slightly lower than body temperature. That is why the testes hang away from the body in the scrotum (scrotum). Men with low sperm counts are advised to minimize lifestyle that can make the testicles overheating, such as wearing tight pants, too long to put the laptop on my lap, or frequent use of the spa / steam shower. Smoking and use of psychotropic medications (such as marijuana, cocaine) may also reduce the sperm count or cause abnormal sperm morphology.

In conclusion, if you want to change the barren and pregnant fast soon ... without drugs, without risky surgery, without the typical Infertility treatment, and without side effects, then apply the 10 facts about infertility at the top right now. I guarantee and I got the results to prove it!

If you need a guide book and testimony regarding this issue, please visit us.

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Weakness and Specifications of The HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16GB

Posted by Raden Wijaya

HP TouchPad - After being launched in America in July 2011 and became a new competitor for the iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab 10.1, users at a price of $ 499.99 gadged began to complain of some weakness of the HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16 GB. One of them is about hardware and software. Here's the full review.
Gadged the latest release of HP TouchPad at a price of $ 499.99 for the 16GB model and $ 599.99 for the 32GB-capacity HP TouchPad that it still has drawbacks, compared to other products at a price that equals the market dominating World tablet: Iphone 2 and Galaxy Tab 10.1

HP TouchPad using a WebOS which is the development of PalmOS, has several advantages over its competitors. TouchPad is a tablet device from HP that most first use WebOS 3.0, and the most remarkable of the WebOS 3.0 is: multitasking.
At least the application is available for WebOS platform, is one weak point for HP TouchPad, because not many applications that are developed specifically for the WebOS. Although it did not rule out third party will begin to develop a variety of applications and games for WebOS platform in the future.

Nevertheless, various results of a review conducted by reputable sites such endgadget and techcrounch on HP tablet device TouchPad indicate that much remains to be addressed and developed to fix flaws HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16 GB, be it hardware or software side , if you do not want to be crushed and buried by IPAD 2 and Galaxy Tab 10.1

HP TouchPad specifications :


Form Factor : Candybar
Dimensions : 9.45 x 7.45 x 0.54 (240 x 189 x 14 mm)
Weight : 26.10 oz (740 g)- the average is 16.7 oz (478 g)

Resolution: 768 x 1024 pixels
Physical Size: 9.70 inches
Colors: 262 144
Touch Screen: Yes (Capacitive)
Multi-touch: Yes
Light sensor:Yes


OS : webOS (3.0)
Processor : Dual core, Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8060, 1200 MHz


Music Player : Yes
Supports : MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WAV, AMR
Camera : Yes(1.3 megapixels), Video Calling
Video Playback : Yes
Supports : MPEG4, H.263, H.264
YouTube player : Yes
Internet Browsing : Yes
Supports : HTML, Flash
Built-in online services support : Facebook, Twitter


Bluetooth:Yes – Version 2.1, EDR
Wi-Fi: Yes (802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n)
A-GPS : Yes
USB : Yes
Type : microUSB
Version : USB 2.0
Features : Mass storage device, USB charging
Headphones connector : 3.5mm

Other features

Sensors : Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass
Calendar, Alarms, Document Viewer, Calculator, Notes

So we wait for new product development results from the weakness HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16 GB to compete with gadged the first master of the world market that is IPAD 2 and Galaxy Tab 10.1
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Top 10 Game HD For Acer Tablet Inconia Tab A500

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Saturday, August 20, 2011

Top 10 Game HD - Nvidia Tegra processor 2250 dual core is pinned on the Acer Iconia Tab A500 is a guarantee for the performance of a fantastic game. In fact, each purchase tablets best cheap Android Honeycomb (Iconia Tab A500) will get 3 HD game that was designed specifically for the Tablet PC-based Adroid Honeycomb, namely: Let's Golf, Need for Speed ​​Shift, and Hero of Sparta.

There are still many other games that are highly optimized played on the Tablet with Nvidia Tegra platform. Buddy can tell from the frill THD (Tegra High-Definition) on the game. All games are definitely able to walk perfectly in Iconoa Tab A500 which uses the Nvidia Tegra.

And, in addition to three HD games above, here are 10 other HD games for Android Honeycomb pal Tablet users the best cheap, the Acer Iconia Tab A500.

10 Games HD for Acer Iconia Tab A500

Samurai II: Vengeance THD

In this game, the user will play as a samurai who fought for revenge. Visual quality and excellent sound guaranteed to make you drift. To control the main character, my friend can use the virtual on-screen joystick. With a few scenes that are categorized as violent and bloody, so this game should not be played by children under age. :)

Guerilla Bob THD

This game is designed for entertaining, with a variety of player characters that cute. Buddy will guide Bob to win the battle with the choice of weapons is quite varied ranging from the Chain Gun, Rocket Launcher, Molotov Cocktail, and many more. There are several game modes. Arcade mode is more focused on reaching the highest fame, while the Mercenary Mode is more concerned with money earned. There is also Classic Survival Mode that gives rise to the enemy relentlessly, and Wave Attack Mode. One of the advantages Guerilla Bob lies in the multiplayer support through Wi-Fi.

Dungeon Defenders: First Wave Deluxe HD

Buddy will play one of four professions Hero and defend your castle from enemies by putting a variety of traps and tower. A unique visual style and cute makes it suitable for all ages. For the HD version specifically for the Tegra, you will get missions, bosses, enemies, and weapons that are not available exclusively for non-HD version. If my friend happy with online games like World of Warcraft, then it will definitely like this game.

This game can be downloaded free from the Android Market.
Fruit Ninja THD

Although the name Ninja, this game is open adventure game finish off the enemy. But, in this game we will be asked to finish off the fruit by slicing the sword. The more pieces, then the score is also higher. At first glance this game is very simple and easy to play, but with an increased level, the challenge will be increasingly felt.

Bang Bang Racing THD

Games usually puts us as a race driver with a first person perspective. However, unlike this one racing game. THD At Bang Bang Racing, we control the car from a third person perspective, much like we control the remote control car. There is a choice of 20 cars and each car has its advantages and disadvantages. To track, terssedia 8 race track that was inspired from various places in the world. Bang Bang Racing THD use Nvidia's PhysX technology, so the effects of crashing or collision during the course of a car when turning too fast would be much like its original condition.

Air Attack HD

One game popular in the late 80s to the arcade is 1942 which places us as a fighter pilot of World War II. Action-packed game that is now present again in the tablet version of the title of Air Attack HD. The concept of this game is very simple: shoot as many enemies as possible and do not get shot. The game is supported graphics are cool and the action thriller.

BackBreaker THD

Although football is not popular sport in Indonesia, but it never hurts to play a football game following. Graphic visual quality, supported by the player's movements are smooth, the mainstay BackBreaker THD. Endorphins Plus technology, any collision between the player will feel realistic minus the pain and broken bones.

Spectral Souls

Japanese-style RPG games have been proven worldwide, and does not take long before the tablets Android visited this type of game. Spectral Soul is Tactical RPG game's first Japanese-style for the Android platform. Attention to detail, ranging from 52 soundtrack, 84 characters, video, and high resolution graphics, the game is very impressive for a tablet. So no wonder if Spectral Souls require empty space on the SD card is about 1.5 GB. For those who like games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and the like, must have this game.

Pinball HD

Playing pinball in a relatively small screen smarpthone will feel limited. Another case if the spacer play it on the screen A500 relief. Pinball following HD has been designed to take advantage of all Tegra and has a 3D engine with realistic ball reaction. There are three game tables; Wild West, The Deep, and Jungle Style. Even this game is not just a regular 3D games, but also has supported the choice of stereoscopic imaging, which gives a real 3D effect when viewed using anaglyph 3D glasses.

Great Medieval Battles

If most games on the background of fiction, another case with the following game. Great Medieval Battles story takes place during the Hundred Years War English. Buddy will set the strategy of warfare with the use of more than 20 types of soldiers there. Our troops will be able to have some skills that can be selected from around 100 existing expertise in the game. The whole army we have to be clearly visible on the screen Iconia A500.
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Acer Iconia Tab A500: The Best Cheap Tablet Android Honeycomb

Posted by Raden Wijaya

Acer Iconia Tab A500 - As if a new trend, began to enter and steal Tablet gadget enthusiast market in the country. Reputable vendors were competing to produce tablets which really can satisfy users. Speaking of user satisfaction, of course, a variety of new innovations must be integrated into the tablet, so it gets positive feedback from users.

Acer, a top vendor in the notebook market in the world, also helped enliven Tablet invasions in the country through Acer Iconia Tab A500, having previously also has released a mobile smart handheld products. But apparently Acer is not just jazz up, because this time the Acer Tablet create products that truly Powerful and Entertaining. With Iconia Tab A500, the Acer comes with a variety of new innovations and the first in Indonesia. You'll agree after reading this article until the end.

Beginning with a warm welcome from President Director, Jason Lim, Acer formally unveiled Iconia Tab A500 on May 3, 2011 ago at the Shangri-La Hotel. Iconia Tab Tablet A500 is the first in Asia especially in Indonesia to use the Android OS Honeycomb. Previously, Tablet circulating in Indonesia are generally used Andoid Froyo operating system, which is actually designed for smartphones with small screens. For Tablet? Of Android Honeycomb is far superior!

Followed by a demo of the various features found in the Acer Iconia Tab A500, Husen Salim (Acer Product Manager) demonstrated the advantages Iconia Tab A500 as well as tablets best cheap Honeycomb Android directly in front of the spacer are present.
Android tablets best cheap Honeycomb

In addition comes as a tablet with Android OS Honeycomb first in Indonesia, there are many other excellent features of Iconia Tab A500 which is intended to satisfy the user experience. It looks lux plus a layer of gray metal finish on the casing of the Acer Iconia A500 was thick with the aura of elegant modern minimalism. Full screen measuring 10.1-Screen Taouch inchinya able to reflect the sharp visuals and detail. Multimedia enthusiast will certainly be satisfied with the performance of this A500 Acer Iconia Tab.

Not to mention coupled with NVIDIA Tegra 2250 1.0 GHz Dual Core Processor and memory 1 GB DDR2 RAM, further adds powerful impression on the Acer Iconia Tab A500. Activity gaming and graphics of course will feel light and fun. Will you say "Iconia Tab A500: Powerful Outside In!":)

In order not to make you curious, Edutechnolife will also provide a complete specification Iconia Tab A500, tablets best cheap android honeycomb of this Acer.
Acer Iconia Tab A500

Quoted from the official website of Acer Indonesia, acerid.com, here are the full specifications Iconia Tab A500:

Strikingly Powerful

* NVidia Tegra 2250 1.0 GHz Dual Core Processor
* Android 3.0 "Honeycomb"
* 1 GB DDR2 RAM memory
* 10.1 "WXGA 1280 × 800
* Multitouch
* High-performance battery
* Aluminum unibody chassis

Incredibly Entertaining

* 3 preloaded games
* 6-axis motion sensing
* Games, reading, app stores
* Main camera 5 MP A / F 720 HD with flash & video recording
* HDMI output
* Dolby Mobile sound quality
* 16 / 32 GB storage options

Fully Connected

* Acer clear.fi solution
* Aggregation of social media
* HDMI dual display
* Second camera 2 MP for webcam
* WiFi b / g / n
* USB type-A standard with a USB host port

Acer Iconia Tab A500

You can have the best cheap Tablets Android Honeycomb from Acer, aka Iconia Tab A500 is, for $ 509.

The presence of Acer Iconia Tab A500 later after many other tablets do not make Iconia Tab A500 lags behind in terms of technology. Instead, Iconia Tab A500 comes up with new innovations and leading edge today. In line with Acer's motto: The Power is in your hand. Have Fun!, Iconia Tab A500 truly represents a tablet of the most powerful and entertaining today. It is no exaggeration to call Acer Iconia Tab A500 is the best cheap tablet Android Honeycomb.
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Intel invests $ 300 million for development Ultrabook

Posted by Raden Wijaya

Intel invests $ 300 million - Latest technology news, Intel will reportedly invest $ 300 million over three to four years into the future in an effort to accelerate the development of new ultrabook types such as laptops that are informed by BGR via Bloomberg on Thursday yesterday. Intel will provide hardware and software partners, with funding and hope that the money would be enough for partners in developing Ultrabooks mitraya that lasted one full day with one power.

Arvind Sodhani, who served as executive vice president of Intel Capital Corp, said "Intel Capital Funding Ultrabook will focus on investment in developing companies of technology that will help revolutionize the computing experience of current and future mobile computers must have a device (that support). Bloomberg hopes the computer will acquire 40% of the laptop market by the end of next year and said the device will combine the performance of today's laptop with tablet experience which comes in the form of a thin and lightweight. Recent reports indicate that the world's leading computer manufacturers such as Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo and HP will begin mass production in September Ultrabooks Asus UX21 later and is expected to become the first model to be present in the market.
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Ford Displays Four New Models at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Thursday, August 18, 2011

Four New Models of Ford - Ford will be exhibiting at least four new models at the Frankfurt Motor Show, one of which is a new concept and latest-generation Focus.

Ford revealed their plans for the Frankfurt Motor Show automotive exhibition that will take place September 15 to 25. They said it will provide four units of new model vehicles such as the emergence of a new concept and latest-generation Focus. "Ford plans to give something that is strong at the Frankfurt Motor Show, with a few global products are very attractive and shows significantly in our booth, said Stephen Odell as chairman and CEO of Ford of Europe." We are very pleased to be featuring the best line-up of our come from the future to our customers, "Odell added.

There was also the latest generation Ford Focus is expected to be a production unit with the name of the new Focus ST is already been shown in the arena of the Paris Motor Show last year. while the new Fiesta ST, Veratrak compact concept that will replace the Kuga in Europe, as well as the Escape in the United States, also helped decorate Ford's booth at the Frankfurt Motor Show.
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Problems of Honda Automatic Transmission

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Honda Automatic Transmission - Honda attract at least 2.3 million units of mass production, especially in the United States because of problems with the automatic transmission.

A total of 2.26 million Honda vehicles scattered around the world in the recall. 1.5 million of them in the United States. Some variants were detected problems on the transmission is made in 2005-2010 Honda Accord, CR-V production 2007-2010, as well as alerts Element 2005-2008. Where the third is a car loaded with four-cylinder engine and automatic transmission.

The manufacturer revealed that there are problems in software automatic transmission. Precisely when the driver make the shift position is too fast transmission between Reverse (R), Neutral (N) and Drive (D), which will lead to secondary damage to the gearbox shaft. "If the pads in a broken, then the engine will find it hard to make the shift position of Parking (P)," according to the Honda in a statement. They also added that no incidents that cause injury and even death, related to damage these components.

Japanese car manufacturers will also notify the consumer, and fix the problem by reinstalling the new ones. Installation is aimed at slowing down the displacement between the teeth, thereby reducing the risk of damage.
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New turbo engine BMW X3

Posted by Raden Wijaya

BMW X3 Review - BMW's new turbocharged engine pinned to its X3 crossover, which is included with the four-cylinder gasoline engine and six-cylinder diesel. Machines that will be paired on this X3xDrive20i model is the latest machine is pinned on the X3 variants. The machine is a 2.0-liter gasoline engine with aluminum four-cylinder engine that features a twin-scroll turbocharger, direct fuel injection,, variable camshaft control Double VANOS and Valvetronic variable valve control system. This machine is capable of producing power 184bhp with 270Nm tosri. His ability is combined with a choice of six-speed manual transmission or an automatic eight-acceleration. And energy flows both on four wheels (all-wheel drive).

Second is the capacity 3.0liter diesel engine six-cylinder with twin-stage turbocharging, which is the latest generation of BMW's diesel. With direct injection system features, this machine can give off at least 1800 bar air pressure. This machine will be installed on the model X3 xDrive35d, with bursts of power 313bhp and 630Nm of torque. And this makes the X3 line up with the highest power output.

Parties BMW explains how performance dual turbocharger system works even in low speed. At the moment only a small portion of the turbocharger that works with compressed air through the wall of the larger, and increase the pressure. And when the need to employ a maximum, the electrical control can instruct turbocharger for greater physical exertion, thus providing good acceleration.

X3 xDrive35i model also comes with four-wheel drive propulsion, with an automatic eight-speed gearbox, also an automatic stop-start system. in addition, BMW also apply the Auto Hold and Connected Drive system, which is followed by an update in the interior sector.
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Kia Picanto Releases Three Door's Cars in Europe

Posted by Raden Wijaya

Kia Picanto - Three-door Picanto offered in two variants, namely petrol engine 1,000 cc and 1,250 cc. Although still similar to the five-door Picanto, Picanto three-door comes a series of new features. Kia Motors Corp. began marketing the three-door Picanto in Europe in August 2011. Kia Picanto was first introduced three-door auto show in Geneva Motor Show 2011, along with the latest five-door Picanto. Kia Picanto claims released a three-door to meet market demand. Kia found the city car in the world demand will continue to increase until the next few years. In the estimation Kia global sales volume will increase the city car to 2.4 million units in 2014 and 3.3 million units in 2015.
Broadly speaking, the appearance is similar to the three-door Picanto Picanto five-door. However, three-door Picanto comes a series of new components, including front doors, bumpers, rear panels, and glass near the pillar A.

The most striking difference between the Picanto three-door and five-door Picanto, besides of course the door is equipped with three-door Picanto larger front grille that surrounded the silver or red trim.

In addition, three-door Picanto is also equipped with a muffler and a striking new design alloy wheels.

Three-doors Kia Picanto offered in two variants. First is the 1,000 cc petrol engine, three-cylinder that produces 68 bhp and 95 Nm of torque. The second option is a 1250 cc petrol engine that produces 84 bhp and 121 Nm of torque.

For each variant, Kia offers four models, namely a Picanto, Picanto 1 Air, Halo Picanto, Picanto and Equinox. Standard features in each model include a trip computer, seat and steering wheel is adjustable, and the head unit can play MP3 files.

No less important, Kia also equip each of the three-door Picanto models with the latest safety features in the form of electronic stability control (ESC), anti-lock brakes (ABS), electronic brake-force distribution (EBD) and emergency brake assist system (BAS ).

Piccanto 1 and Picanto 1 Air has similar features five-door Picanto. But the Halo model and Equinox, Kia adds the extra feature of the USB and AUX, iPod connectivity cable, radio controls on steering wheel, Bluetooth connectivity that is able to recognize sounds, automatic headlights, front LED lamps for day trips, and LED taillights.

Hello specifically for this model, the Kia plant 14-inch alloy wheels, unique front seats and steering wheels are equipped with heating, parking sensor, aluminum pedals and unique instrument cluster Supervision.

While exclusively for Equinox, Kia chose red chili seat that contrasts with the glossy black wood paneling on the interior and gearshift lever are also black, 15-inch alloy wheels, automatic air conditioning system, and a smart key that has the Start / Stop. (*)
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New Chevy Orlando Spreads Canada

Posted by Raden Wijaya

New Chevy Orlando - GM claims the latest Orlando MPV with a capacity of seven passengers as the most efficient in its class. General Motors (GM) Co. plans to start marketing the MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) Chevrolet (Chevy) latest Orlando in Canada in October 2011. At first, GM also plans to market the latest Orlando in the United States but the plan was later canceled. GM manufactures the new Orlando in South Korea. Although North America has just entered the fourth quarter of 2011, the latest Orlando was actually already been circulating in Europe from early 2011.
GM's latest Orlando equip with engines with a capacity of 2400 cc four-cylinder direct-injection technology that produces 174 bhp. GM claims, Orlando machine has an efficiency of 6.7 liters of fuel per 100 km outside the city and 10 liters per 100 km in the city when combined with a system of six levels of speed manual transmission.

Meanwhile, when combined with a system of six levels of speed automatic transmission, GM explained, Orlando fuel consumption increased to 6.9 liters per 100 km outside the city and 10.6 liters per 100 km in the city.

GM judge, Orlando's newest seven-passenger capacity is an MPV of the most fuel efficient in its class. GM believes this latest Orlando will be successful in Canada because Canadian consumers like the family car.

"Orlando is the latest evidence of fuel consumption efficiency and completeness of the Chevrolet product portfolio. We believe that Orlando will be popular in Canada," said President & Managing Director of GM Canada's Kevin Williams. (*)
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Tips to save battery hp Android OS

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tips to save battery hp Android OS - Go to the Settings section, select About and then select Battery Use. It is now evident that most applications which consume a lot of battery energy. If there are applications that are not important, just turn off to make it more efficient.

Once you've done the first way that you need to do is to:

* Screen timeout

Function than the Screen Timeout is to turn off the phone screen for a while, if the phone is not in use. For instance ya, after reading the text, put the phone and see, a few minutes later the phone screen will die, that's Timeout Screen.

Set the time. The less time it breaks, then the battery will be more efficient. The downside of this is to shorten the lag time of discomfort when reading a long text or text that needs to be read in a long time, for example a text from her lover's not really bad all of a sudden the screen off.

* The brightness of the screen

In the default condition, almost all cell phone screen brightness setting on the condition that I think is too bright (I happened to not like the screen is so bright, make eye sore). Just set the brightness of this screen to the right and makes you comfortable when viewing, surely that does not make the pain in the eye. The darker, the battery will be more hemat.Atur by going into the Settings menu and then select Brightness. But do not be too dark also because it can make your eyes hurt, too.

* WiFi and Bluetooth Connection

Turn off features WiFi and Bluetooth when not in use.

* Animated wallpapers

Indeed, the animation makes your phone become more cool. But more precisely, the disabled aktitkan, yes, turn off the animated feature will definitely help to conserve battery power is used.

* 3G or 2G?

Almost the same as gossip Onyx battery that practically efficient by some and wasteful by others, namely the use of 3G signal. The use of 3G will certainly accelerate the process of data transfer and internet, but also more drain on battery power than 2G signal. If converted to 3G, the phone will be more efficient. However, if changed, what's the use of 3G?

* The volume of calls, sms and other notifications

Some like to set the sound calls, sms and notifications in securely. But some are like the setting of moderate. Volume settings and other modes such as vibration will certainly help save the battery. Especially notification feature that could be considered a major cause of the battery to be quickly dropped. If you are an active mailing list email, twitter, facebook and chat applications like Yahoo Messenger, guaranteed battery will run out quickly because the sound notification of a "diligent".

* GPS Synchronization

Update the location is cool, but if the GPS continues to sync to the GPS satellites, even make a quick cell phone battery runs out. When not in use, turn off all the GPS functions. How, go to Settings> Location & Security> My Location> turn off the Use Wireless Metworks & Use GPS Satellites.Efek deadly side of synchronization of the GPS is no operation of mapping features on social network sites such as Foursquare, somersault and Twitter.

* Task Manager

Want to be more diligent in checking the application is running, use Task Manager to monitor him. Sometimes an application running on the "back" even though we do not actually use. Or an application that runs without user's knowledge.

In battery saving Android does require a little sacrifice, namely lawyer-off-the cool features that make your phone look cool. If you want to still look cool, then the sacrifices that must direlakan is quickly drains the battery quickly and surely drop.
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My experience with iPod Touch

Posted by Raden Wijaya

iPod Touch - Hehe after all this time saving and transformation, which starts from the Blackberry Curve 8320 and then changed to Samsung Star Wifi, until eventually turned into a gadget that has long been my dream, hehe .. and the gadget is the iPod Touch 8GB! hehe .. this is the first Apple gadget that I bought with the saving mode, it feels more satisfied hehe .. and of course before buying this stuff, I must consider many things until finally dared to say "say yes, I take one ..".

As per my promise, I will write my review about the iPod Touch after I bought it, and this is proof of my words, and this time I will try to write it completely as + clearly as possible, hopefully this article can be useful to readers ..

8GB iPod Touch, a portable player arable Apple inc, portable player that was once just a square with a small screen portable player has now become multi-functional, multifunctional why? look at its course, can browse the internet, email, gaming, music, video player, notepad, calculator, alarm, calendar etc are certainly very useful, hehe .. with a design that resembles an iPhone, iPod comes with a size that is beyond my expectations! hhmm .. want to know more let dibacaa jelasnyaa .. yuk .. : D

with some relatives

"Luhh size is smaller than the iPhone ya ..", that's my question the first time ya open this gadget from the box a little, hehe .. abis usually see the iPhone suddenly see the iPod was shocked as well, thinner size, which in My language twipwis'e poll, although the screen size are both 3.5 "inches, but the body size of the iPod is slightly smaller than the iPhone, although, at first glance this gadget will look similar to the iPhone, as my boss said" like plek wes karo iphone .. ", that's what he said when he saw me testing the iPod when using powered speakers, hehe .. let alone much for opening, for greater clarity and detail, will start from post below ..

1. Price

8GB iPod Touch I bought this at a price of Rp. 1.775 million, in the Authorised resellers of course in HiTech Mall, 75ribu cheaper than buying in stores that only Authorised resellers, hehe .. so I bought at the store, by paying cash, then the item is automatically licensed to mine Personally, hehe .. for the price mark manifold, before I buy an iPod, I also conduct monitoring in the share space, there is a sell from Rp. 1.7 million to the most expensive there is Rp. 1,500,000, it is still the opening price, and the average of those received nego, who certainly negotiable fine, hehe ..

"Luhh smaller size ya .. ama iPhone", that's the very first impression as well as words that came out of my mouth when ya counter opening the iPod box, hhmm is smaller and also much more tepis, which is usually held the iPhone could fit in the hand, now have to get used to type with a thinner .. (Real thin iPod amit ne), when first turned on, reminding me with the look of the iPhone 3G 16GB, equally innocent when first turned on, hehe .. there are two icons that are not visible on the main screen of the iPod, that features sms and telephone, hehe ..

yaa very plain appearance initially HS? hehe


the back scratches easily .. ~, ~

With the size of a thinner and smaller than the iPhone, of course, will give a different experience when held in hand, feels lighter and airy in the hand, hehe .. the front of the iPod is scratch-resistant glass, a small scratch would mean so much to the screen this, but it certainly would be a problem when we scratched deliberately let alone with sharp objects, hehe .. the part that I most worry about is the rear body of this phone that looks made of electrically conductive metal such, I felt an electric shock abis occasional bit fit the iPod is connected to other electronic devices ..


a.Music Player (Music)

ipod music player

Nahh, I think this is the main feature of the iPod Touch, a portable music player device which is certainly no doubt its quality, from the era of small-screen iPod design that was still stiff today the iPod Touch with a sweet widescreen design, sound quality is still good music player in the ears, the music output via the headset is very comfortable in the ear, the balance between bass and treble so right, even when playing music I did not find any sound that broke when I put on some music with high volume.

Siiperantau said "truly a professional music player!", Is true only when the device is said to be a professional in the music player business, we will be treated with a browser-style display album flows with smooth and sweet, smooth movement without fractures really spoil users, equalizer we can adjust to taste us, one of EQ that I use most often is the Bass Booster, voice output really will feel so soft and comfortable, using either a headset or speakers are active, the strain of bass that comes out feels really smooth and soft, the excess else also I feel that we can hear every instrument on the song that we play with a clear, even surroundnya effect was felt, in my own, the iPod music player is more comfortable than my Nokia 5800 XM .. J

b.Video Player (Videos)

watch Transporter 3

Aside from being a music player, the iPod Touch can also be used to play the video with mp4 format, wide screen 3.5 "inches at a ratio of 4:3 in my opinion is just right and comfortable to watch movies, when I first bought this iPod, I tried watching the movie Transporter 3, amazing images and sounds once generated, especially if we set the volume at maximum volume, it will feel like watching at the cinema, even the sound of bullets falling to the ground was clear sound .. J

c.Photo browser (Photos)

Attendance Photo Browser on the iPod Touch is also a plus for portable devices made by Apple, with the presence of Photo Browser, we can insert images via iTunes from your laptop / PC, we, in the same way when we use the iPhone, by selecting the folder which photos we enter and hit 'sync', then the synchronization process will take place, a very short time required to transfer tens or even hundreds of pictures with varying sizes. Every photo that we send to the iPod will be prepared in accordance with the existing folders in the laptop / PC so that we can neatly arrange them in order and in accordance with his album, but of course all the photos from each folder will be entered in the Photo Library. Viewing photos on the iPod Touch the same when we use an iPhone, can rub your finger on the screen, feature zoomingnya was the same as the iPhone, the photos appear too sharp and pleasing to the eye with a roomy screen ..

That is the added value for me, so choose the iPod Touch, but can as a music player, we can also surf via wifi, it's multifunctional gadgets on this one. Browser used is the same with the iPhone, that is the Safari browser, when I tried it for internet browsing on my campus hotspot, the process of loading a page feels fast, it looks as if we were browsing via a PC / laptop, this thing I try when opening Kaskus, it looks exactly equal to surf via your PC / Laptop. I do not know how many page limit that can be opened, but in my estimation would be similar to the iPhone is 8 pages (open in new tab), if we want to keep the photo from the internet pages, we simply held our finger on the photo that we choose will then appear some options, that later we can save the photos.

e. Mail

Hehe here's my mainstay application when it is connected to the hotspot, as a child I had to clear a student can save, and save the most appropriate way is to surf at free hotspots, hehe this way I can find my email account inbox, here we can also register a different email account, with the ease of setup, then we can immediately connected with our email account, send email to any action I did not find any problems, really smooth .. J

f. Organiser


Nahh, organizer applications which I mean here is a calculator, calendar, notes, contacts and hours are already available directly in the iPod Touch. Calculator on iPod touch with iPhone, a calculator that when we use it to portrait position then it will only appear as a standard calculator, but when we turned it into landscape calculator then automatically turned into a complete scientific calculator with a cool effect. Calendar also plays an important role here as a reminder (reminder) for us who frequent schedule, with the calendar feature that we can fill with alarm and reminder allows us to set up a schedule. Notes on this phone is also very important for those who frequently recorded every important activity that will be undertaken, notes on the iPod Touch has the same look with a note on the iPhone (obviously the same lah hehe yes, right pake same OS). The presence of contacts on the iPod Touch allows you to store telephone numbers. And the last is the Clock (Clock), clock on the iPod is also equipped with an alarm that we can set its alarm sound, but there is also an alarm timer and stopwatch. There are also features on the iPhone Voice Memos kyak 3G/3GS, but could not be used because of the headset that we get when buying the 8GB version is not included microfone, so we have to buy it separately or use our iPhone headset, hehe .. x)

g. iOS 4

using IOS 4.0.2

After I bought the iPod Touch this, I immediately upgraded it to the IOS 4.0.2 which means it can not use JailbreakMe, the presence of IOS 4 on the iPod Touch as a half-half, the absence of features homescreen homescreen backround wallpaper to display a dark black with a dock-style IOS 4, was disappointing, the absence of features of 'multitasking half-half' also makes me surprised, with the same iOS4 file size (about 328 MB) with the iPhone 3G, but there are some features that are not present, but besides that, there are also some advantages important in iOS4 present on the iPod Touch, the presence of a previous flight mode I do not find in version 3.1.2 when I first bought the iPod Touch, with a flight mode make us free to use the iPod while traveling by plane (very important neh), in addition to It features create playlists via the iPod Touch also has been present here, so not only via iTunes to create playlists, but can also directly via the iPod Touch. Using the iPod has supported iOS4 iBooks application to read PDF files, this is one of the most important applications in my opinion .. J


In addition to some of the features I mentioned above, we can also add games and applications that can be downloaded via the iTunes Store / AppStore, even though sekitas play games on the iPod Touch as comfortable while playing the game via the iPhone, I felt something different when I play gaming via iPod and iPhone, the display on the iPhone 3G feels more smooth and real.

5.Batterei power

For once a full charge, I can use the iPod for a full day and that too has not been exhausted, that when normal use, but the resistance will decline with the use of wifi connection and a music player / video, when I tried browsing the internet about 45 minutes, the rear iPod feels a bit hot and battery bar seen reduced by about 10-15%, it only uses wifi browsing activities and send email, I do not know how long it takes when the battery charge from empty, but for charging the battery normal circumstances surrounding 60-80% takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

6. Conclutions

iPod Touch music player is the most comfortable I have ever had, the price of Rp. 1.775 million I think it fits with what we get, portable multifunction device is perfect for those of you who like to use music and watching movies, even for a fun game play is also very suitable, for a hobby to read as well, hehe .. not complete? this was the right choice if you already have a cell phone so it will feel complete, but if you do not already have a cell phone and desperately need the phone, I do not recommend to buy this, because of course the iPod Touch can not be used for sms and telefonan, although there are applications that can VoiP, but still it will be different with the phone, better use of existing money to buy mobile phones alone, hehe .. it's advice from my luhh yes, the phone willing to sacrifice for the sake of buying an iPod Touch, is it difficult to later communications with families and friends ..
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Latest gadget news - review iPad 2

Posted by Raden Wijaya

Review iPad 2 - latest gadget news, About a year ago, Apple surprised the world of computing by presenting a unique digital device, ie 9.7-inch touch screen tablet that seems to correspond with what is expected by the consumer.

Some call it the Apple iPhone in large sizes, but not all of them agreed to this title. Then a few weeks later came the new competitors who also presents similar devices with the Android operating system, especially the manufacturer from china that offer prices far cheaper, and also the name is a bit like the iPad for example, iped, apad, and others. Although many competitors offer very low prices, Apple iPad is still sold in the market and many devotees.

Now Apple is presenting an advanced version of the iPad earlier, is named new iPad iPad 2. What is the latest of these 2 iPad? Here's a little review iPad 2 sourced from techradar.com.

iPad 2 comes with a 241mm high, 186mm wide and 8.6mm thick, covered with white, smaller than the previous IPAD and thinner than the iPhone 4, and a curved edge.

The most dramatic changes is the weight. The first blackberry weighs 680 grams, while the iPad 2 only 80g, is much lighter than the first iPad. Overall, the new design is pretty fantastic

latest gadgets news reviews blackberry 2

On iPad 2 is added also two cameras, one for photos and one for video chat. Backed with quality graphics faster iPad 2 is able to bring more powerful video game. It is also equipped with HD resolution HDMI port that allows users to connect iPad on other devices that support HDMI with good image quality.

But in this second iPad one thing has not changed, namely the price. Price iPad iPad 2 with the first, namely £ 439 for 16 GB model with WIFI. Prices will increase £ 100 or more if you want to get a model with higher storage.

latest gadgets news reviews blackberry 2

A5 with the latest Dual Core processors designed by ARM, and also has a larger memory of 512 MB, (larger than the first iPad is only 256 MB), iPad 2 able to move two times faster than the first iPad. Applications such as iMovie and GarageBand can run faster.

When tested by rotating your iPod media on the first and iPad iPad 2 with music and movie files are the same. Here, the visible difference in speed between the first and IPAD IPAD 2. iPad 2 has a faster loading speed than the first iPad.

latest gadgets news reviews blackberry 2

How friend? Are you interested to buy iPad 2? if I still feel a lot better just buy a laptop ... at a price of £ 439 was able to get a laptop with a fairly good quality. But if you want to buy it go ahead...
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Review Tablet Toshiba Thrive – Android Honeycomb

Posted by Raden Wijaya

Review Tablet Toshiba Thrive- Toshiba is not the first manufacturer to focus on Android tablet market, but with Thrive, Toshiba has presented the tablets Android with its unique features, like full-size USB port that attractive, and the back of a textured leather. Toshiba Thrive sold starting at $ 429 (for the 32 sold at $ 579), according to laptopmag, Toshiba Tablet Thrive cheaper than the samsung Galaxy tabs 10.1 and Apple iPad 2, but if the tablet is capable of delivering better than the competitors? please read the full review of Toshiba Thrive referenced from laptopmag below.

Thrive comes with dimensions of 10.75 x 6.7 x 0.6 inches and weighs 1.6 pounds, Thrive feels heavier and thicker than the ASUS Eee Transformer Pad (10.7 x 6.9 x 0.5 inches, pounds 1.4), and Apple iPad 2 (9.5 x 7.3 x 0.3 inches, 1.3 pounds), amsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (9.7 x 6.7 x 0.34 inches, 1.2 pounds)

More weight because at the back comes with a skewed pattern of rubber bertektur easy to handle. Users can replace the black back of this tablet with a color Blue Moon, Green Apple, Raspberry Fusion, or the sky or a silver price of $ 19.99 for each color.

With a 10.1-inch glossy screen and a resolution of 1280 x 800 offers bright colors and sharp images, but with a limited point of view, especially in an environment that a lot of light. When tested Trailter Camptain America watch HD on youtube, the movement looks smooth and the colors are accurate but somewhat difficult to see from the side. The panel is also easy to capture fingerprints, thus making the image look a little dirty when no light reflex.

Toshiba offers additional video technology called "Resolution +", which is designed to create standards-defiition video looks sharper, but when tested the old Steve Reeve movie Hercules, there was no difference when the technology in vogue off and on.

Equipped with speakers solit, producing accurate sound and loud enough to fill a small room.

Toshiba does not make major modifications to the display interface Honeycomb Android. Like other tablets that uses Honeycomb. Adjusted for five desktop shortcuts and widgets. A taskbar at the bottom of the home button, task-switching, notifications, clock and wireless icon on the right side. Taskbar top of the menu and there is some information, such as search boxes and links to the menu that appears when the application resides on one desktop.
Review of Toshiba Tablet interface Thrive - Android Honeycomb
Toshiba Thrive 1 GHz processor powered with Nvidia Tegra 2 CPU and 1GB of RAM capable of delivering performance solit and good enough for games or play HD movies, even to click 1080p though. However, the application will crash like any other android tablets.

When tested with Android apps Benchmark, Toshiba Thrive got a CPU score of 3194, the score is well above the average tablet (2563), and comparable to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 powered by Nvidia Tegra 2 (3159)
While the graphics score when tested with the "An3Dbench benchmark", Toshiba 7702 Thrive scored, the score is also above average tablet (6822), above the tab samsung 10.1 (7526), ​​but still below the Eee Pad Transformer (8579)

As with other honeycomb tablet, toshiba Thrive also has two types of email applications, Gmail and another for pop mail account / exchange / imap. Two client offers two panels, which lists the contents of the inbox or folders at this time, and others show rapid current.

Behind the powerful 5 megapixel camera can produce images sharp enough, the picture is quite detailed although it has no flash, even when the room is dim. The camera is also capable of recording 720p video is smooth.
Thrive Toshiba also equipped with a powerful camera of 2 MP front that can be used for video calls using Google Talk.

Toshiba Thrive able lasted 6 hours 35 minutes when tested with web surfing via wi-fi and brightness of 40 percent. This is far below its competitors such as Samsung Galaxy tabs 10.1 capable lasts up to 8 hours 23 minutes, Eee Transformer Pad (10 hours), and Ipad 2 capable lasted until more than 11 hours.

Toshiba Thrive is available in three configurations, among others; price of $ 579.99 with 32 GB of storage, the price is $ 479.99 with storage 16 and GBM price $ 429.99 with 8 GB of storage,
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Review Acer Tablet Iconia Tab A100 - Performance - Graphic - batteries - price

Posted by Raden Wijaya

Acer Iconia Tab A100 is not the first tablet is manufactured by Acer, but this tablet is the first tablet that uses Google's operating system Androd Honeycomb. Acer Iconia Tab A100 sold for less than the previous tablets. Iconia Tab A100 16 GB version priced at $ 349, while the 8 GB version priced at $ 329, so just add $ 20 can get more storage.
Want to know more details about the Acer Iconia Tab A100? please read the full review Acer Iconia Tab A100 below

Acer tablet design Iconia Tab A100
Acer Iconia Tab A100 measuring 7.6 x 4.5 x 0.5 inches and weighs 0.92 pounds, the size and weight are almost the same with Samsung and HTC Galaxy Tab Flayer. The design of this tablet also almost identical to its predecessor the Acer Iconia Tab A500 with a taper in setipa corner.

The front of the Acer Iconia Tab A100 surrounded by glossy black plastic, the front camera is at the top when held upright (portrait), then there are touch sensitive buttons below the screen.
The back of the tablet is coated with dark gray plastic with the Toshiba logo in the center, then over there behind the powerful 5 MP camera equipped with flash. please note that the predecessor Iconia Tab A500 aluminum coated with a premium, but the price is more expensive at $ 399

Part edges of tablets has also been equipped with a number of ports that are useful, such as 3.5 mm headphone jack, a switch-lock rotation, the bar for the volume rocker, a MicroSD card reader, port MicroHDMI, exclusive jack, microUSB port and a charger. But in Iconia Tab A100 is not available USB port on Iconia large size as the A500.

Screen and Audio tablets Acer Iconia Tab A100
Acer Iconia Tab A100 uses reolusi 7-inch screen with 1024 x 600 pixels, the size and resolution is the same as in tablets Samsung and HTC Galaxy Flyer. When tested by the team to watch movie trailers laptopmag Battleship on youtube, the picture looks blue sea, and weapons from the ship looks fiery red. Suduh horizontal vision is good enough for three people who look around the screen.
Review Acer Tablet Iconia Tab A100 - Performance - Graphic - batteries - price
Speakers at the Acer Tablet Iconia Tab A100 is capable of producing a loud sound. These tablets are also equipped with Dolby Mobile contro panel when using headphones.

Display User Interface (UI) and Software Acer tablet Iconia Tab A100
Acer Iconi Tab A100 is the first 7-inch tablet from Toshiba that has been using the Android OS 3.2 or honeycomb. Like other tablets Android Honeycomb, several icons at the edges of the screen. In the bottom left there is a back button, homoe, and the latest application that displays thumbnail of the new program is displayed. In the bottom right displays the time, access to settings and for new notifications like email. Meanwhile in the top right there is a button to display the list of applications installed, then to left side there is a google search bar.
Review Acer Tablet Iconia Tab A100 - Performance - Graphic - batteries - price

Unlike HTC or Samsung Galaxy Flyer Tab 10.1, Acer tablet Iconia A100 does not show additional features, such as Sense or TocuhWiz

although not equipped with special additional features, but the Acer Iconia Tab A100 there are a number of useful applications and utilities, such as Clear.fi, which allows users to stream multimedia content wirelessly via DLNA. NemoPlayer (for multimedia), Internet radio Aupeo, Documents to Go, and Social Jogger, which combines Twitter and Facebook into a single display interface, so users can keep an eye on both social networks at the same time.

Camera Acer tablet Iconia Tab A100
Acer Iconia Tab A100 has been equipped with a powerful 5 MP camera back. When tested the video recording, the results are just plain ordinary. When tested by Tim Laptopmag, video recordings in the room seemed rough and the colors appear dim. When outdoors video looks sharp, but still dull color.
When used for photographing, the result looks better if sufficient lighting. But if less light, the result is less than the maximum.
Front of a powerful camera of 2 MP is not so good, but it is sufficient if for just video chat. When meakukan video calls, it is advisable to use vertical mode (portrait mode), as if on a horizontal or landscape mode, the camera will be located to one side, not in the middle. so callers will see one side of the user's face, unless the user to adjust.

Acer tablet Performance Iconia Tab A100
Acer Iconia Tab A100 was powered by the Nvidia Tegra 2 processor and 1GB of RAM. The window is opened quickly, the screen can be rotated smoothly (although there are occasional half-second pause), and the gameplay is perfect.
Test results from with An3Dbench Laptopmag team, Acer Iconia Tab A100 scored 8081, about 1,200 points above the average of similar tablets, but still below the asus EeePad the score reaches 8579 Transformer
Meanwhile, for the storage capacity is 8 GB or 16 GB, depending on the version you want to use. users can also add storage capacity to 32 GB via MicroSD card

Specifications and price options tablets Acer Iconia Tab A100
Acer Iconia Tab A100 is available in two specifications (which differ only storage capacity) and price. Acer Iconia Tab A100-07u16u with 16 GB of storage sells for $ 349, and Acer Iconia Tab A100-07u08u with a storage capacity of 8 GB worth $ 329 dijuga

Battery life Acer tablet Iconia Tab A100
Acer said that the party Iconia Tab A100 uses a battery 1530 mAh Li-polymer, able to survive up to five hours in the use of internet browsing via wifi, four hours of web video streaming, and 4.5 hours to play 720p video.

However, when tested by a team laptopmag, what was said by Acer is not entirely true, while browsing the internet via wifi, battery turu laptopmag record up to 26 percent after 4 hours 3 minutes. so that Acer could take up to 5 hours 28 minutes, is longer than the Acer name. but this is still below the average of similar tablets that can last up to 6 hours 44 minutes
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Acer Aspire 5253 and Aspire 4253 Notebook With AMD's Fusion

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Monday, August 15, 2011

Acer Aspire 5253 and Aspire 4253 - Acer is showing off two new notebooks are equipped AMD Fusion processors at CES 2011 in Las Vegas. This is their first product that uses the new technology.

Aspire 5253 and Aspire 4253 is the first line of notebooks that use AMD Accelerated Processing Unit (APU), or familiarly known as the Fusion - a technology that unites the graphics card to the processor. Therefore, this product is more power efficient than claimed also to have a reliable performance.

quoted from Afterdawn, Sunday (01/09/2011), both products also have taken advantage of AMD's Vision Engine, which is a feature that is responsible for handling a variety of multimedia content. Function, maximizing the ability to play the movie High Definition (HD) or streaming movies over the internet.

In addition the Aspire 4253 (14 inch) and Aspire 5253 (15 inches) is also equipped with Acer CineCrystal LED screen. It is said that this type of screen backlight can reduce well. Not forgetting the standard features like Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0, and webcam accompanied in both products that have not known the official price.
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HP ProBook 5220m - Businessman Notebook

Posted by Raden Wijaya

Review HP ProBook 5220m - Indonesia has recently launched HP notebook ProBook 5220m. bodynya are thin, lightweight and supportive business computing device makes it suitable for business people and employees who have high mobility.

HP''deeply understand the professional needs of business computing devices such as notebooks, where consideration not only the high technical specifications, but also on the value of ergonomics and its ability to support self-actualization,''said Managing Director of Personal Systems Group HP Indonesia Megawaty Khie.
The combination of a complete office applications and a thin body and light weight makes the HP ProBook 5220m as a notebook that is right for businesses and employees of high mobility.
According to him, toughness performance, attractive design, light weight and compact and can be fulfilled through HP ProBook 5220m. Parties 5220m series HP claims it has differences with the previous series ProBook. Prominent changes seen in the finishing layer of aluminum and more compact body design. Dimensions, 290x212x24, 3 mm. Weight, 1.5 kilograms.

Attractive lines on metal surfaces is done subtly. The combination of lightweight design and smooth finish which makes the 5220m series as a product that not only convenient to carry, but also wonderful views.

As the first generation ProBook series, 5220m is also free of mercury and has a unique keyboard design and technological spill-resistant. Spill-resistant technology to work to protect critical and sensitive components from damage due to spilled coffee or soda water.

HP ProBook 5220m is also equipped with features HP QuickLook 3, HP QuickWeb, HP DayStarter and HP Power Assistant. 3 HP QuickLook allows you to access email, calendar, schedule of events and contact information in seconds without having to boot-up. HP QuickWeb allows users to access various web sites quickly and easily in just seconds and not have to wait for boot-up Windows Operating System.

HP DayStarter provides a summary schedule for the following day and the battery status at boot-up Windows Operating System. HP Power Assistant serves to control power consumption so batteries can be extended operating life. HP Power Assistant feature is useful for use in the field.

To ProBook 5220, HP installed an Intel Calpella platform, 12.1-inch LED screen, HDMI, three USB slot, webcam, card reader, D-Sub port and a wifi connection b / g / n.

Available in a choice of models with the latest Intel (R) Core (TM) i3 or Intel (R) Core (TM) i5 low voltage but with higher performance, the HP ProBook 5220m produced a brilliant display on the 12.1-inch LED screen at a resolution 1280 Ã-800 pixel, equipped with port-port D-Sub, HDMI, 3 USB, webcam, card reader, and wireless connection Wi-Fi b / g / n.

Webcams contained in the 5220m ProBook supported also by software ArcSoft Camera Suite is equipped with WebCam Companion application. Applications it is useful to take and edit video.

Other software contained in it is ClickPad and Corel Home Office. ClickPad equipped with motion recognition (gesture) that supports the process of rolling up the page (scroll), enlarge or shrink, and rotate images.

Corel Home Office is a package of office applications for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. Applications it is compatible with Microsoft Office and is provided in the trial version for 60 days.

Available operating system consists of three options, namely Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Batteries have a four and six cell. That way, the notebook can be used within about four hours.
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Review HP Mini 5102 - Specifications, prices, features the HP Mini 5102

Posted by Raden Wijaya

HP Mini 5102 Review - Specifications, prices, features the HP Mini 5102 - Hewlett Packard (HP) to bring back the latest version of their Mini Note netbook called the HP Mini 5102. Unlike the netbook class with no other swivel screen, this product has brought a touch screen feature.

First, it is a distinct advantage for HP. Moreover, this differentiation is supported by the magnitude of their market share globally for consumer products.

Nevertheless, armed with touch-screen control of OS Windows 7 is a bit odd for a netbook without the swivel screen. For users who are not familiar, definitely a little awkward when you combine a touch screen with the touch of a conventional touchpad. Unlike the case when a notebook does have a swivel screen, such as Lenovo S103-t.
Competition netbook market is currently located in a portable design treats, combined with the price that 'friendly'. Likewise, the HP Mini 5102 is. The design is quite charming and deemed suitable to become second-class PCs for office workers, and academics. Unfortunately the price is not too 'friendly' for the general user.

Typical Design Mini Note

HP Mini Note 5102 comes with a choice of colors: red, blue, and black. Still like the previous series, some parts of this product is combined shades of black like on the keyboard, touchpad, or display frames. The model on review detkINET this time is black.

Wrapped in a magnesium alloy casing material, this product was light as the plastic material some other netbooks. Although lightweight, this netbook feels solid when closed, or taken during the presentation. Unfortunately, these materials are easily soiled by the touch of the hand imprint.

Robustness of the HP Mini 5102 is coupled with the brushed metal style, which is now becoming a trend. Plus the HP logo white circle in the middle of the cover, this netbook looks more classy.

In general, this product looks more bloated than the previous Mini Note series. This is because HP brings a slightly different design to the outskirts of the netbook. And when juxtaposed with the old Mini Note series, not much different ketipisannya size.

One of the advantages of this product at the bottom of the netbook. By design diusungnya, users will be very easy to upgrade or replace the RAM. Users do not even need a screw to remove the cover.

Port HP Mini 5102

On the sides of the netbook, the user will find three USB ports, VGA port, LAN, microphone and earphones, as well as the SDHC slot.

At the top of the keyboard, there are two shortcut buttons: the web browser and email application, which can also be used on the HP Quick Start without going into Windows first.

At the front left side there is a switch wi-fi button, and indicator lights HP Drive Guard technology. This technology secures our hard drives to shock, to reduce the risk of damage or lost data.

Display and Touch Screen Features

Products are tested by default, this time featuring a resolution of 1024x600, with capacitive touch screen which has supported multi-touch features.

In addition, the HP Mini 5102 this time also comes with the OS Windows 7 Professional Edition, which is certainly very supportive features a touch screen. For those not accustomed to be a little difficult when trying to do right-click. And how easy. Just press and hold the pointer at one point, and a circle of right-click options will appear.

Just as products equipped with touch screens had OS other Windows 7, users could feel new sensations can be browsing with touch-screen multi-touch. Certainly feels more responsive.

One thing that is unfortunate as we mentioned above, this netbook screen can not be played. As a result feels a little weird and awkward when we played touch screen, with a combination of touchscreen and keyboard.

Granted this is not the tablets and netbooks like the Lenovo-t or Asus S103 Eee PC T101MT. If truth be told to add a touch screen feature on a conventional netbook, will not mean much.

Performance of the HP Mini 5102

In testing the battery this time, detikINET trying to burden this netbook with a benchmark test, using Battery Mark Imtec in fast mode. HP Mini 5102 The results can last for 6 hours 7 minutes, with the condition of the processor load average above 90 percent.

For other needs such as YouTube to watch streaming full HD, as well as doing the work of multi-tasking office, the HP Mini 5102 is far more smoothly than the previous Mini Note series. This is all because the latest Intel Atom processor N470 (1.83 GHz), with 2GB of RAM memory.

When tested for browsing, typing with Microsoft Office, while listening to the file. Mp3, netbook is running quite smoothly. In addition equipped with Microsoft Office 2007 (60 days trial), HP also put other Office applications are Corel Home Office version 5.

Unfortunately the body of this laptop a little warm, with fan noise that sounded a little noisy hard drive. For information, this product is equipped with a model hardsik speed 7200rpm. While some of the other netbooks that are present today mostly use a speed of 5400rpm, or 4200rpm.

For the audio business, this product is quite standard for a netbook. Bass inaudible, voice a little shrill. As for the video business, the HP Mini 5120 proved to be very smooth to watch streaming HD video (720p) or Full HD (1020p) on YouTube.


HP Mini 5102 is a suitable second computer used by a class of office workers or academics. Maybe that's apt description to describe this product, with all design and performance diusungnya.

This netbook proved able to continue the charm HP Mini Note. That's still coupled with a touch-screen differentiation are present in it. Unfortunately it is also likely to be a weakness.

According detikINET, loyal user series HP Mini Note netbook who want to upgrade to this series, certainly not many complaints. Another brand new users who try this product definitely a little awkward. Especially for the price.

HP is positioning itself for the netbook class. Products that tested this time priced in the market at a price of USD 599 or approximately Rp. 5.3 millions, armed with the OS Windows 7 Professional Edition.

+ There is a touch screen
+ The position of the battery is more cleanly

- No swivel screen, reducing the convenience of touch screen
- Notebook bit noisy
- Cover dirty easily
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HP Slate 500, Tablet Windows 7 - Specifications And Price

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Price HP Slate 500, Windows Tablet 7-Hewlett Packard finally officially released the HP Slate 500, the tablet based on Windows 7 Professional. However, these tablets do not seem aimed at head to head with Apple iPad as expected so far.
Slate 500 HP seems to be more targeted to businesses. The price is quite expensive, $ 799, or approximately USD 7.1 million in the United States. For comparison, the iPad on sale from USD 499.
Indeed as was announced in early 2010, HP Slate will target the general consumer. However, this plan changed when HP acquired Palm. HP Slate and then made more for businesses is being planned later for general consumer use WebOS from Palm.

If HP Slate 500 equipped with a variety of software to support the business, tablet-based WebOS more for fun activities. HP spokesman explained, WebOS tablet will be released in 2011.

According to Carol Hess-Nickels, Director of Worldwide Business Notebook Marketing at HP's Personal Systems Group, HP Slate 500 based on Windows 7 to be easily adopted among the enterprise. The existence of support VPN (virtual private network) to securely connect employees to the corporate network.

HP Slate 500 will soon be marketed in the United States. However, there has been no information whether the later would be sold globally.

Slate 500 HP Specifications:

* Weight: 0.68 kg
* Screen 8.9-inch capacitive multitouch
* Resolution 1024 x 600
* VGA front camera
* 3-megapixel rear camera
* Wi-Fi
* 1.86 GHz Intel Atom processor Z540
* 2GB of RAM
* 64GB SSD
* Broadcom Crystal HD accelerator
* 1080p video
* HDMI port
* Battery 5 hours
* There is a digital pen and dock facilities
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Price of Tablet HP TouchPad $430

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Price of Tablet HP TouchPad - The heat did not dampen competition step tablet computers Hewlett Packard (HP) to launch the TouchPad. HP ensures TouchPad on sale on July 1 in the United States with the official start at USD 500 or USD 4.3 million, equal to the price iPad.

Indeed, HP's ambition to rival the iPad is still very Digdaya in the tablet market. Previously, they had even boasted TouchPad will be better when compared with the iPad.

Can? What is clear, HP is one of the giants in the field of technology so that more or less, they still have a chance to scuttle the superiority of the iPad.

Tablet-sized 9.7-inch will also be released in Europe. HP also hopes, TouchPad WebOS using the operating system can be widely accepted by consumers.

Yes, the TouchPad is the first tablet computer with a WebOS, software made by Palm. As is known, HP has bought Palm to cost $ 1.2 billion.

TouchPad 16GB model priced at $ 500, and the 32GB model $ 600. In addition to the United States and Europe, TouchPad plan will also be present in Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore.

Clearly, the steep challenge facing HP in the efforts to succeed the TouchPad. First, they are already late peddling TouchPad at a time when the ranks of the iPad tablet and Android already crowded market.

Second, HP should attempt to convince developers to create applications that are good in TouchPad, given the existence of applications is one key to success in the tablet segment.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of HP TouchPad

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More and Less Value - Web OS Tablet, Touchpad Hewlett-Packard, have many advantages and disadvantages. Specification more suitable for business professionals. HP TouchPad out at a timely moment, when iPad tablet battle with Android and BlackBerry Playbook.
TouchPad was forecast to compete with Apple iPad. But it turns out both have different target markets. iPad more target market who are looking for entertainment, while the TouchPad does not have a lot of multimedia features, entertainment, and gaming.

But for those who want a desktop tablet to work, TouchPad is the right tool. Inside is a web-based business applications, e-mail, instant messaging, contacts, calendar, etc.. Suitable for executives, managers, IT administrators, etc..

The surplus, TouchPad have a great multitasking capabilities. He can run a variety of applications, browsers, or multiple windows at once.

Business people need this kind of ability, because their work requires the ability to collect various information. They also have to do it while calling, SMS, or chatting at once.

TouchPad it all possible. Automated notification system, multitasking capabilities, interactions, and browsing is also good. Inside Flash are better equipped than the tablets Android, but still not as smooth as Flash on a BlackBerry Playbook.

But TouchPad have shortcomings, among other performances are less consistent; sometimes fast, sometimes slow, though it is not to crash. There also are complaining about its rather fat and heavy. Classic designed curved corner, but it is black and not silver, the material is too plastic and not aluminum.

Another deficiency is the lack of facilities or specific applications for entertainment music, movies, and games. But for the professionals, this course does not really matter.
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Complete Specifications Tablet HP TouchPad

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Tablet HP  TouchPad - After a long awaited, HP TouchPad tablets will be marketed from early July 2011 in the land of Uncle Sam, the United States. What is offered by him to be reckoned with in the flood tablet computers?

One of the characteristics contained in the TouchPad is the use WebOS operating system, a new OS for the tablet. What kind of performance of this software and how the chances of rival IOS and Android certainly still need to be tested further.

These tablets have a dual core processor made ​​by Qualcomm. What is unfortunate is the lack of facilities like the rear camera on the other tablets.

According to HP, TouchPad inaugural issue will only have a Wi Fi connection. But then, HP will also add a 3G connection.

Intrigued by a complete specification TouchPad? Consider the following as quoted from Tablets Planets, on Monday (6/13/2011):

- Operating system: HP webOS
- Display: 9.7 inch XGA capacitive, multi touch, a resolution of 1024 x 768
- Camera: 1.3 megapixel front camera, rear camera does not exist
- Sensors: Light sensor, accelerometer, compass, gyroscope
- Audio formats: DRM-free MP3, AAC, AAC, eAAC, AMR, QCELP, WAV
- Video format: MPEG-4, H.263, H.264
- Connectivity: 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth ® wireless technology 2.1 EDR with A2DP stereo Bluetooth support
- Internal memory: 16GB/32GB
- Battery: 6300 mAh
- Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-CPU 1.2GHz APQ8060
- Thickness: 13.7 mm
- Weight: 740 grams


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Price and Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 - After the success of Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung finally releases new product again. Samsung recorded very productive in issuing a new product. from Korean handset manufacturer is introducing the latest tablet PC named Galaxy Tab 10.1. To find out prices and specifications samsung tab 2 please read further. Output of Samsung's new Tablet PC is a successor of the previous product, the Galaxy Tab. Unlike its predecessor, 10.1, aka Galaxy Galaxy Tab Tab 2 appears to treat the 10.1-inch screen size, with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels (WXGA). The price of this gadged is range $530.

The outstanding Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Honeycomb tablet is lighter and a hair thinner than the Apple iPad 2, and has a smaller footprint than either the Motorola Xoom or the Acer Iconia Tab A500, which are heavier and bulkier than most tablets.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a major contender.

We reviewed the short-lived Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1V already, but that thicker and heavier device has since been discontinued (It looked as if Vodafone might pick up the 10.1V tab but it is now waiting to release the newer 10.1 model).

The only other important players in the tablet market, are the brilliant 10.1-inch Asus Eee Pad Transformer as well as the BlackBerry PlayBook and the HTC Flyer, which are both so-so 7-inch models.

Oh, and keep your eye on the HP TouchPad which goes on sale in the UK next month. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is currently slated to go on sale in the UK at the end of July/beginning of August.

So what sets the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 apart? For starters, this is one light and thin tablet. At just 8.6mm, it is 0.2mm thinner than the iPad 2. And you know what? At 565g it's also 36g lighter.

It's as though someone at Samsung sat down and demanded that the 10.1 have world-beating raw system specs.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a marvel of engineering, given its size. Holding one in your hand, you might mistake it for a truncated version of a Samsung LED HDTV, which are also market leaders. There's a slight edge around the screen that is not touch enabled, a silver edge, and an all-white back.

The device just feels right. Unlike the Acer Iconia A500 and the Motorola Xoom, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 finds that ideal balance between a pick-up-and go e-book reader such as the Amazon Kindle 3 and a 10-inch tablet that's perfect for watching movies on a long car trip.

By including Android Honeycomb (version 3.1 to be exact) Samsung has also one-upped the competition (though 3.1 has also already landed on the Transformer). The point release includes a few new additions. You can resize widgets and scroll through open apps in the pop-up thumbnails for the "recent apps" list.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 doesn't have a USB port, so it doesn't take advantage of the new Android 3.1 feature to support USB-connected peripherals which is a shame, but that's not the direction Samsung is going with this tablet. This is all about pick-up-and-go functionality and portability.

Samsung actually downgraded the built-in camera on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 compared to the Galaxy Tab 10.1V, which had an 8MP rear camera. Still, the new model has a 3MP rear camera, which is three times higher than the Apple iPad 2's camera. There's also a front-facing 2MP camera.

There are quite a few interesting perks and additions on this tablet. Some may seem underwhelming at first, but as a whole they give Apple a good run for the prize.

One subtle change is that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has a 7000mAh battery for all-day tablet use. In our tests, it lasted about nine hours for everyday tasks. The Apple iPad 2 battery is 6600mAh.

The 10.1 also has a four-way accelerometer and gyro (the Apple iPad 2 uses a three-way accelerometer and gyro - starting to see a pattern here?). That may seem like a minor upgrade, but most of the games we tested on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 responded faster to quick turns and screen rotations, and generally worked better for controlling games. It also has great side speakers for playing music and movie audio, and plays smooth 1080p video.

And of course, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 matches the features of other Android tabs: built-in GPS, support for Adobe Flash in the browser (you still have to download it on your own), 1290 x 800 screen resolution, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor and Android tablet app.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a smart buy for anyone who wants a light and portable Android tablet. Google still has a ways to go on apps for Android – there are only a few dozen that are seriously worth downloading, compared to thousands of worthy iOS apps.

The ecosystem for media is a bit underdeveloped on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 as well. Sure, you can watch movies stream on the web, but for downloads you're mostly on your own.


The Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been price-matched with the Apple iPad 2, which means that devices with the same amount of memory costs the same. So the starting price will be about £399.
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