How to Restore Data From Damaged Memory Card / Flash Drive

How to Restore Data From Damaged Memory Card / Flash Drive

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Thursday, December 08, 2011

How to Restore Data From Damaged Memory Card / Flash Drive - Have you had a sudden memory card in your camera can not be used. Previously borrowed a friend, and now back into our hands have been damaged. Yet according to his friend, he was not messing about it at all. Suddenly your memory card as locked and damaged. Sad or confused and panic? Could be. Especially if you have not had time to backup all files on the memory card. Automatic all inaccessible and can not be held anymore because of damage. Though many important moments in the picture stored on your memory card it.

Or you ever experience when flash drive is not accessible? Files in it you can not anything about yet in it there is the important files such as file assignments, tutorial files, or even a business proposal? You certainly do not want your file is lost. Is there a way to still be able to access or have the files from a memory card or flash drive that has been damaged? The answer is no. In this article, we'll share a little about how me-recover data from a memory card or flash drive is damaged.

Ever experienced a time when we will collect coursework, our Flash drives are not accessible. On the computer, it says "E: \ Is Not Accessible". We try to take it off and then put it back, but no significant change. We also have experienced when suddenly the camera's memory card is broken with the message "Memory Card is Locked". We tried to shift the small section to lock and unlock memory card but did not change. File or directory is corrupted and unreadable. Sad! Sure. Confused what to do while in the second object is contained files and important documents that have not made a backup of it.


As we have not accessed the directory, we try to figure out a solution to that directory (Flash drive or memory card) can be re-accessed and its files can be saved. And it can!Check Disk to Recover / Restore Lost Data

One solution is to use the command line in Windows. Click on the Start menu and select Run. Type cmd in the dialog box that appears, then you will be taken at the command prompt window. At the command prompt window type chkdsk e: / r and press the enter key on the keyboard. The "e:" here is the directory of the memory card or flash drive in the computer. While the chkdsk command itself is a command to check the disk in order to check the file structure damage. While / r is the command code to fix the problems found after checking the disk done.

In general, if the memory card / flash drive you do not currently have data protection, then the memory card / flash drive will be checked directly as you type the command, the process of recover / restore data will be directly run automatically. But if not, just choose "Yes" on the options for checking the drive at boot time, then restart your computer so that checking process can run.

When the process of checking and repair the drive is nearing completion, will pop up a confirmation notification that asks you, "Convert lost chains to files?" Press the Y key on the keyboard to answer Yes. Chkdsk command will then provide a report back to you regarding what has been done and then head to your My Computer and check your drive. There you will meet and be able to view your data.

The Cover

Similarly, we can provide tips to recover / restore your data stored on the memory card / flash drive. In this way we deem quite easy compared to many other ways. Interestingly, this step does not remove all the files on the memory card or flash drive. Memory card or flash drive, and files within it will remain intact.

A very pleasant good news is not it? Now, you no longer need to worry about losing your data because the Flash drive or memory card is damaged, because you can do to recover / restore corrupted data on to memory card / flash drive.

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