Update Wordpress 3.3 | Internet Tips and Tricks

Update Wordpress 3.3 | Internet Tips and Tricks

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Monday, December 26, 2011

WordPress has just released an update to the latest version of WordPress wordpress 3.3 (12/12/2011). For WordPress 3.3 is named "Sonny" as a token of appreciation or respect for a famous jazz saxophonist Sonny Stitt named.

Quite a lot of additional features in WordPress 3.3 is in between:

Tooltips / Toolbar with a new look.
* Drag-and-Drop Media Uploader to upload media directly from a computer that we use.
* Features and new design on the dashboard, for example, by simply mouse over (hover) it will immediately exit the submenu is available / flyout (such as menus for navigation on the website).
Improved features of the toolbar (a combination of Admin Bar and admin header).
* Responsive design for different screen sizes, including for the iPad / tablet.
* In the admin section doctype was already using HTML5.
* Tumblr importer.
* Increased co-editing.
* JQuery a new version.
* Improved performance on a blog that does not use numbers or post ID on the permalink. And many more others, please see here:
WordPress Codex Version 3.3.

On the last point as we know, in a previous version if we have enough posts so that performance is maintained, we should be setting up a permalink that begins with good numbers with a model year or post ID.

But this problem can be addressed in version 3.3, this means that although we use the permalink does not start with numbers (such permalink this blog for example) then the performance is still stable because the core database has been updated / improved.

How to Update Wordpress 3.3How to update to version 3.3 is almost identical to how to update the previous version can be automatic or manually via the admin dashboard via cpanel hosting or via FTP.

For this blog I have success update to version 3.3 manually. Why prefer a manual? because there are some files that should be my first edit (customize). Since the update this time is to update the total so I prefer to update manually via Cpanel or Spanel (user-specific MWN) and found the process very fast (only a few minutes) does not include the time I do editing files that have been my customization.

For wordpress users with slow Internet connections and often broken disconnected I recommend to do the update manually. The trick as follows:

* Backup the database first, how to get into your hosting admin. Click on phpMyAdmin Click on the name of your database - Check All on the Table the database - Export - look down - choose Save as File (select mode compresi Zip or GZip).

Download WordPress 3.3  and unpack it.

* In the folder / wordpress delete the file wp-config-sample.php and README.html, then remove the wp-content folder and its contents.

* In the folder / wordpress-click Ctrl + A to select the folder wp-admin, wp-includes and all the usual wordpress files in the root directory as the wordpress wp-login.php, wp-settings.php etc, and then compressed into Zip format next Zip files uploaded to the root directory of your wordpress hosting then extract (if any notification if an existing file will be overwritten / replace the files extract just choose yes).

Last login to your wordpress, then you are automatically taken to a page to update the database select / click on the button updates the database.

Done, now you are using WordPress 3.3

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