Tutorial How to Repair Windows 7

Tutorial How to Repair Windows 7

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tutorial How to repair Windows 7 | win7 - How to Repair Windows 7 With Easy and Quick Fix Tutorials tau Without Having to Install Windows 7 Repeat for your laptop or computer. This way is very easy, and you can do yourself even if you do not quite understand about these windows Os. and you only need a CD / DVD blank to be able to repair windows 7anda currently experiencing problems. ok we immediately wrote to the guide How to Repair Windows 7 Seven By following easy.

Step - step How to Repair Windows 7 Seven you should follow are as follows:

 The initial step please ► Click Start, then type in the system repair disc ► click Create a Syetem Repair Disc.

1. It will exit windows Create a System Repair Disc. Select the media disc will be used.2. Then Insert a blank CDs into the DVD / CD RW and proceed by clicking the Create button disc.3. When finished, remove the CDs that you created from DVD / CD RW, well now you also have a CD that can be used as a repair of Windows 7 on a computer disc or your laptop. well now that so the question is how to use the repair disc has seven windows that you made earlier?

Here's how to use cd repair windows 7 is:

1. Booting your computer or notebook using the CDs that you created. and Select the Windows Setup [EMS Enabled] to get into the menu system repair.

2. After the boot process is complete, you can access the System Recovery Options and restore system image that you created earlier.

3. You can now choose the type recovey to be run to restore the operating system Windows 7 seven on your laptop or PC in accordance with the conditions of system damage that occurs. and If you want to use the system image that has been made, click system recovery image and follow the next steps in accordance with the instructions.

So little Tutorial on How to Repair Windows 7 Seven With Easy. and hopefully a little help of you who are confused to repair windows 7 is YOUR ERROR.

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Online Malware Removal said...

This is a great and informational tutorial. Thank you for sharing this one! Got to bookmark it for my future reference! :D

admin said...

Thanks guys, Nice to share with you. Good luck

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