How to Download YouTube Video Via BlackBerry

How to Download YouTube Video Via BlackBerry

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How to Download YouTube Video Via BlackBerry - YouTube has become a place to store and share the best-selling video today. Only with share personal videos via YouTube, many people who became so famous even sudden celebrity. How to DOWNLOAD YOUTUBE VIDEO Via BlackBerry, for example conch duo toxins, Udin seduia and Brigadier Norman, just to make funny videos and uploaded to YouTube suddenly become tekenal. At times this will be discussed how the heck how easily download videos from YouTube via smartphones, mainly through the blackberry.

How to Download YouTube Video Via BlackBerry, Two Children and nations named fachrul Irviano was already thinking about it, they began attempting to download video through the blackberry, but the result is less than the maximum, because the format was changed to 3gp, while they want a MP4 video format. Finally they decided to create a mobile website, where Blackberry users can download videos directly from Youtube. Mobile website is named: The advantages of the mobile website is that we do not need to install additional applications from third parties.

Simply go to the website via the Blackberry browser and go to this address

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