How to Overcome Bluetooth Laptop Not Functioning (Damaged)

How to Overcome Bluetooth Laptop Not Functioning (Damaged)

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Thursday, December 08, 2011

How to Overcome Bluetooth Laptop Not Functioning (Damaged) - Current cable-based technology is slowly becoming obsolete and is replaced by a wireless technology that no longer need the media as an intermediary for data communication cables.  
We are familiar with infrared and Bluetooth technology (BTooth) as one example, but now the use of infrared are becoming obsolete and is replaced by the Bluetooth that has a higher reliability. Bluetooth is a wireless-based communications technology that is at a frequency of 2.4 GHz unlicensed ISM and uses frequency hopping communications tranceiver so can provide realtime data on the distance and limited reach. BTooth can be either the card / card or WLAN card has the same function with Bluetoot adapetor external devices even though it has a difference in the speed of data transfer.

Currently BTooth already widely included in the device or laptop computer so that you no longer need an external Bluetooth adapter. This is in line with the needs of the user that there BTooth already higher, especially when performing a data transfer process is felt to be more easily because they do not have to require a cumbersome cable-based devices.

Bluetooth DevicesCauses of Damage

However, as with other devices that are installed directly on a computer or laptop, Bluetooth is also very susceptible to damage, disruption and problems. Today many users have complained that the Bluetooth function decreases, does not work at all or even turns on and off the total. BTooth that can not be used optimally in the mode most likely to be disabled which could result in disruption of both the data transfer process while sending atan receive data from other users. The cause of the malfunction BTooth is because it is not detected Bluetooth devices in the operating system that is characterized by the invisible mode is currently active.

To you who are experiencing similar things, BTooth device malfunction can be caused by the Bluetooth and the Bluetooth Support Service service which is in disabled status that can be caused by viruses, malware or by mistake set by the user. Mistakes are very common among you that use Windows operating system installation position where even though Bluetooth is installed properly (modeinstalled) but this mistake is still repeated, so as by the Bluetooth device you have is not functioning properly (broken) but not necessarily broken, only one setting.Step Improvement

Well, in this article we will give some tips that can be used as one solution to the problems-problems above. Solutions to BTooth functioning optimally is to enable the status of the Bluetooth enabled Bluetooth Support Service and Service. Here are simple steps you can follow to:

Open up your Windows Service

Select the Start button>> Type 'Services>> then select' service.exe 'or' Service '
Alternatively by selecting the Windows key + R (shortcut 'Run') at the same>> type 'services.msc'
In the window 'Services', find the Bluetooth Support Service and the Bluetooth Service
View the status whether they are in a state of Disabled or Started
If you look at the status in the state of the Disabled, then right-click on the Bluetooth Service, and then switch it on.

Select the Start button

To be able to directly activate when windows do startup, then select the Bluetooth Support Service>> right click>> select Properties>> see Startup Type tab>> Select Automatic

Save all changes

Select the OK button

If at this stage of the condition of the Bluetooth on your laptop still can not work, then make sure that the condition of the hardware to support this BTooth in good condition anyway.


In general, just like that's all the steps you need to do to fix the Bluetooth connection device you have. It should by following the steps above are sufficient to fix the Bluetooth device that is "broken" or more precisely the wrong settings. If still not running well, try to check more thoroughly, perhaps there is damage to the hardware.

Similarly, a short ways that you can apply to fix the Bluetooth is not working (broken) on your laptop. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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