Quick Tips and Tricks How to Master the Google Chrome

Quick Tips and Tricks How to Master the Google Chrome

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Monday, December 26, 2011

Quick Tips and Tricks How to Master the Google Chrome - Complementing the previous post about Tips To Attract Users Google Chrome, this time I will present Quick Tips and Tricks How to Master the Google Chrome. Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google using the WebKit rendering engine. These machines apply a framework that makes the programmer is able to design a browser that works equally well on a personal computer or mobile device (mobile).

Compared with rival browsers, Google Chrome looks very different because it has attractive features not shared by other browsers. Chrome seeks to combine a minimal design with sophisticated technology to access them more quickly, safely, and easily.

Google Chrome was first released on 2 September 2008 in beta version for Windows XP and Vista. The basic idea of ​​making Google Chrome comes along with the increasing need for people to access the internet using a variety of current web browser application. Web browsers are no longer used to search for information only but also for email, networking, online transactions through use of interactive applications. Therefore, the Google realized that the web browser is needed at this time should have a more modern platform for web pages and other applications.

Google then launched an open-source project called Chromium to develop web applications that have a strong platform and equipped with advanced technology. Chromium project which is the pioneer of the birth of Google Chrome as a browser that is believed to be able to access the Internet faster, stable, and safe use.Chrome browser has a system that can separate each tab is in its own application and use of CPUs and memory separately. By implementing this system means that if one tab is opened having problems, other tabs will not be affected. In addition, Chrome uses V8, which is a new technology that is able to accelerate web and JavaScript applications. If you want to do the searching or googling, you do not need to type the address of the Google site. You simply type your search keywords in Address Bar. Chrome will find sites related to those keywords automatically using Google.

For security reasons users, Chrome has a system to warn users when entering the site will be unsafe and to phishing and malware blacklists. In addition it also provides a Chrome Incognito Mode or incognito mode. This mode is used if you do not want to save your browsing history and cookies from sites you visit.

In terms of appearance, Google Chrome window seemed simple, classic and lightweight. It can be seen from a different appearance than other browsers without the menu bar. Chrome toolbar consists only of Back, Forward, Reload, Bookmarks, Address Bar, Page and Tools. The main page presents a collection of Chrome bookmark the site pages you've visited so if you want to visit that site again, you no longer need to type a website address in the URL Address.

If the look of Google Chrome look simple by using the classic colors, not so with Chrome logo that has a pretty bold color combinations. Chrome has a round shape and shiny logo with the color scheme of red, green, yellow and blue.

As a new browser, Google Chrome has a pretty good facilities so as to attract the attention of cyber lovers from all over the world. Here are some of the facilities offered by Google Chrome.

  1. Search History. This facility is to display the history or the appearance of these sites are never visited. To view them, press Ctrl + H.
  2. About the URL menu. This menu is used to view information and statistics relating to the Google Chrome browser. The trick, type "about: dns", "about: plugins", about: internets "(without quotation marks) in the URL Address. For example, type about: dns, to see the process of fetching the DNS (Domain Name System) your browser or type about: memory to know the browser memory usage.
  3. Task Manager. Google Chrome has a task manager specifically for the website using the keyboard keys Shift + Esc.

Google Chrome 1.2 ExcellenceIf you are still hesitant to use the output of Google's latest browser is, try to see some of the following advantages Chrome.

  1. Google Chrome has a loading time of applications very quickly when you first open the application. Unlike the other browsers that require a long time to run the program, when first used. Chrome is also believed to speed access over other competitors, including Internet Explorer 7, Safari, Firefox and Opera.
  2. A very small memory allocation allows you to open a web page simultaneously.
  3. History of web pages visited most often displayed on the main page of Chrome in the form of thumbnails making it easier for you to visit your favorite sites.
  4. Chrome has tabs that can be reduced to the maximum so you can open and enjoy the dozens of tabs open on your computer screen.
  5. If there is a Pop Up Window which display ads that appear suddenly in your browser, the ad will be automatically minimized under the window.
  6. There is a choice of multiple languages ​​including Indonesian.

1.3 How to Download Google ChromeHere are the steps that you can use to download Google Chrome:

  1.     Go to http://www.google.com/chrome.
  2.     In the display that appears, click Download Google Chrome.
  3.     Next, read the terms of service. If so, press the Agree button, and then Install.
  4.     Wait for the installation process for some time to complete.
  5.    Then you will see a dialog box Welcome to Google Chrome. Click the check box is available to  complete the installation by default and press the Start Google Chrome.
  6.     Google Chrome opens automatically after the installation process is complete.

1.4 Getting to know Google Chrome User Interface1.4.1 User Interface Google ChromeIn this section, you can recognize familiar user interface and features that Google Chrome has more information.Here are some examples of explanations of Google Chrome user interface display:

  1. Retreat, to return to the previous page.
  2. Forward, to display the next page.
  3. Reload to reload or refresh the web page.
  4. Bookmarks, to create a new bookmark or add a website address that you have saved in your bookmarks folder.
  5. Address bar, to type the address or web site to be opened.
  6. Page, to print the search results, replacing the display screen and various other applications.
  7. Tools, to manage and organize web page, replacing the search history as well as run any other options that will be discussed in the next section.
  8. Other bookmarks, to display a collection of bookmarks you have.
  9. Search History to display the search you have ever done. If you want to retrace the sites you've visited, simply enter the keyword in the search text box and then on the next screen will show the various sites you have visited before.
  10. Latest bookmarks, to display the various sites that you recently visited the site where the address has been stored in a bookmark.

1.4.2 Menu PageYou can select a row of options contained in the Page menu to use application that is owned by Google Chrome. Consider the sequence that you can use the options below:

  1. Create application shortcuts. This option is used to create a new application shortcut in Google Chrome window.
  2. Cut. This option is used if you want to cut the web page you want.
  3. Copy. Through this option you can copy the web address so you can open the same web application in a new window.
  4. Paste. This option is used to attach a web address that has been copied in a new window.
  5. Find in Page. You can search the text on a web page by using this option. For example, type "swine flu" in the text box provided. Soon will appear highlighted that highlight text "swine flu" on a web page. Furthermore, in the text box will appear the number of words you're looking for it.
  6. Save page as. This option is used to store copies of web pages that you have chosen as an HTML file on the computer.
  7. Print. This option allows you to print the search results that you have done.
  8. Zoom. Through this option, you can change the size of the display of web pages on a computer screen to your liking. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to give orders to make a larger screen by pressing the Ctrl + + or normal screen by pressing Ctrl +0 and change the screen display so smaller by using the Ctrl + -.
  9. Encoding. You can find out information about the codes that are used for setting the text on web pages with accessing this option.
  10. The developer. In this option you can find out information about setting JavaScript programs run by your browser. To view statistical records or to give new orders to your browser settings, you can use the options available, namely Debug JavaScript, JavaScript Console, and Task manager.
  11. Report bug or broken website. By using this option, you can view reports on Web sites that are not functioning.

1.4.3 Menu ToolsHere is a row of options available on the Tools menu:

  1. New tab. This option is used to display a new tab for browsing pages.
  2. New window. This option is used to create a new window so you can browse using a lot of open windows.
  3. New Incognito Window. You can use this option if you want your browsing activity is not recorded by the search history. By opening a new window in incognito mode, you can safely do the browsing in secret.
  4. Always show bookmarks bar. This option is to give orders that always displays the Chrome bookmarks bar.
  5. Full screen. This option can you use to get a full screen view on your computer screen.
  6. History. Through this option you can see a list of sites you have visited. On the History option, you can also set or clear the search history.
  7. Bookmark management. This option is used to manage and organize bookmarks in Chrome browser.
  8. Downloadable. This option is used to view or download download history that you've done using Google Chrome.
  9. Clear browsing data. Through this option you can erase the data browsing you have done so far.
  10. Import bookmarks & settings. You can import bookmarks and settings from Firefox or Internet Explorer to use this option.
  11. Options. You can change and adjust the settings using the Chrome browser with this option.
  12. About Google Chrome. You can get lots of information about Google Chrome to access further with this option.
  13. Help. This option displays the help file information and guidance about Google Chrome.
  14. Out. This option is used if you want to get out of Google Chrome.

For more details and complete the Google Book please read the following:

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