PointerStick 1:41 | Best PointerFor Presentations

PointerStick 1:41 | Best PointerFor Presentations

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Wednesday, December 14, 2011

PointerStick 1:41 | Best PointerFor Presentations - Good afternoon my friend. This time I will share (again) a small tool that is PointerStick 1:41. 1:41 PointerStick is a useful tool for displaying a pointer shaped rod (stick). This tool is great when used in the presentation, because the size is larger than ordinary pointers. Color and size of the pointer stick can be set according to the will of your heart. Perhaps you are a teacher or a businessman need this tool.

So I think this tool is very interesting and necessary for you to download.

Here are some advantages of this tool:

     small size
     Low CPU Usage
     Friendly (size and color can be changed)
     Optional translation feature


     PointerStick 1:41


     Clean [Avast 6]
     Tested on Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit SP 1


Some ways to remove and bring back the pointer:

     Click more than 3 times, or
     Click CTRL + ALT + Z
     Click CTRL + ALT + Y

source: http://www.bagas31.com

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