Lenovo Defeating Dominance Predicted of Apple

Lenovo Defeating Dominance Predicted of Apple

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lenovo Defeating Dominance Predicted of Apple - Apple may now become the number 1 vendor in the PC business all-in-one. But according to analysts from Digitimes, next year this degree will become the property of Lenovo.

In 2011, Apple reported selling as much as 3.7 units on the market all-in-one, taking the lead on Lenovo's selling 2.9 million units and HP in the third position which sold 2.4 million units.

In the next year, although the predicted Apple will sell as many as 3.8 million iMacs, but PC vendors from China, Lenovo is predicted to sell more. Quoted from PCWorld AllShare zone, Monday (12/12/2011), Lenovo is expected to be able to sell as many as 4 million units of PC all-in-one.

"Although the iMac series have advantages in terms of design, but this series gives only a slight change in the specifications. On the other hand, HP and Lenovo in addition to having a better design, it also offers better hardware specifications, was also with the price is more skewed , "the report comes from Digitimes.

Overall, 13.5 million PC all-in-one will be sold until the end of 2011, while in 2012 this figure will rise to 15.8 million.

"The model that offers a Wintel PC AIO and pricing structure that is cheaper than the iMac, will continue to penetrate the developed countries along with the many vendors are entering this market. On the other here, plans to aggressively Lenovo AIO PC market in China will be one factor booster to help their growth this market, "said Digitimes.

Then about HP, analysts say that because they are unstable PC division, the company predicted it difficult to expand the AIO PC market

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