Latest Cheat E991 Point Blank

Latest Cheat E991 Point Blank

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Latest Cheat E991 Point Blank - E991 is the title of the blog provider cheat, which must have friends who like to play point blank recognize this website. Blog with a thousand new cheat, always give the best for their members in to - update the cheat goes well. E991 is in fact not one of the blog provider cheat, there are many blogs or forums that provide cheat free.

E991 always cheat to update it every hackshield from the turn of the team point blank. Sometimes it formed the beginning of this blog is always updated cheat every day and getting famous by its members to date. Below are some of the latest cheat e991 friends who may be tried.

Features and Hotkey:
[-] Wallhack, D3D menu insert for use on / off, the arrow keys to select
[-] Features that still work: WH Chams Tero, Phantom, Wireframe, No Smoke, No Fog & Crosshair
[-] There are 6 different colors for Tero Chams, please choose your favorite color

[-] As usual diinject pake injector
[-] After inject do not move the mouse, enter the id & pass aja pake keyboard
[-] Tested by me 4 hours no BT / DC
[-] Turn off antivirus
[-] Pass etc.: klik5x

Download :
[-] Wallhack : klik disini
[-] Password : klik disini

You are interested in trying this cheat from the E991 Point Blank? if interested please just download this cheat. It must be remembered, to use cheat was banned and the existing provisions of the game itself, my friends must have known the consequences were received when using this cheat. Use it as well, may be useful and always uphold honesty because honesty is beautiful.

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