4 Disappointment at Apple iPad 2

4 Disappointment at Apple iPad 2

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Thursday, December 29, 2011

4 Disappointment at Apple iPad 2 - Previously on this blog article about the advantages of existing iPad 2, well here are 4 disappointment at Apple iPad2 anything please just read this news article.
4 Disappointment at Apple iPad 2

The presence of two middle iPad so warm conversation. Behind all the new features diusungnya, still there are a number of things which was considered disappointing. Here are some of them, as reported by DigitalTrends and quoted on Thursday (03/03/2011):

1. No USB Port and SD Card Slot

Just like the original version of the iPad, there are no features USB Port and SD Card Slot on the iPad the new generation, occurred despite previous rumors about the existence of this facility. The absence of these two facilities is quite inconvenient for the user.

2. Display Technology Still The Same

Earlier there was news iPad 2 will have a retinal display technology that it the name of the iPhone 4. But that hope vanished, the iPad 2 has the same screen with the first version of the iPad. Although the performance of this screen is good, but there is still a disappointment related to the absence of new technology.

3. Software Not Much Different

IOS 4.3 which brought iPad 2 includes the renewal of such facilities Share iTunes and Safari browsers faster performance. But fundamentally, the same capabilities. This is quite risky because the software competitors such as Android Honeycomb and WebOS in the HP TouchPad started to show his skill.

4. Additional connectivity is Expensive

Want to connect to a TV with HDMI iPad? So consumers have to spend to make up for the Apple Digital AV Adapter for USD 39. Want to transfer photos directly to the iPad without going through iTunes? Need more money USD 29 to buy the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit. Relatively expensive and complicated.

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