Free Download Mozilla Firefox Version 9.0

Free Download Mozilla Firefox Version 9.0

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gmail and the new Firefox version 9 - The first news, Gmail now has a new mode can be activated in each of your accounts. But Gmail is a new mode can not be directly used because there is the option to convert it to a new model or remain on the old model. After I tried, gmail this new mode is faster than the opening of the old mode. Besides the user interface is simpler and lighter, almost leading to the classical model. So for those who have yet to try, quickly go to Gmail and look for changes in the lower right corner.

The second story, re-launched a new version of Firefox is 9.0. Firefox is quite often release new versions, new feeling yesterday off version 8 and now version 9 had come out again. That firefox, not to be outdone as Chrome and do not want to lose an immense number of users worldwide. I am just so confused, install the most recent or wait again the next version? because it did not rule out the version 10 release tomorrow.


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