How to Change the Look of the Latest Facebook

How to Change the Look of the Latest Facebook

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Saturday, December 24, 2011

How to Change the Look of the Latest Facebook - Dated December 30, 2011 or the end of the year, Facebook will come up with new designs that would make it easier for us to see someone's profile. Facebook Timeline will be very pampering us, because we can see a person's life journey on Facebook.

From the first he lists on Facebook, until the story of his life at this time. We can easily tell when people are friends with someone or when she likes something on Facebook. By clicking on the menu Now, Month or Year on the right profile of the person, we can know, for example in October 2011, he got a new friend. Nah, if you can not wait to get a new look up prior to 30 December, follow The following quick tips:

First go to page, so you'll get a page like below, to enable Facebook Timeline just click on the Get timeline.
Mengaktifkan Facebook Timeline

Next click on Publish Now, and enjoy the new look Facebook!

Easy is not it? For the record: this tip only applies until the end of 2011, beginning in 2012 you can enjoy the new look Facebook automatically.


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