Backup Restore Blackberry Messenger (BBM)

Backup Restore Blackberry Messenger (BBM)

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Monday, December 26, 2011

Backup Restore Blackberry Messenger (BBM) - Often you need to do a backup of the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) to anticipate damage to hardware or errors in installation. Without a backup, you must enter one at a list of your BBM friends.

If you only have a few friends, probably not much of a problem. But if you have lots of friends with a lot of information in it, fuel data loss will be very difficult. Listed below are a few ways that can be selected to make the backup and restore BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).

Backup fuel to E-mail Features

  1.  Go to the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) on your BlackBerry device.
  2.  Then you will go into the BlackBerry Messenger page.
  3.  Press "Menu" on the keypad the BlackBerry device, then choose "Options" menu.
  4.  It would then go to the page for the settings, including "Chat", "Display Picture", "Contact List", "Recent Updates" and "Miscellaneous". Scroll down to find the setting "Contact List".
  5.  In the "Save a copy of your contact list" press the "Backup".
  6.  Then the page will appear with the topic "Backup Contact List". There are two features that can be used to backup fuel Contact the BlackBerry device, the first is the option "Backup files remotely", where this option is a backup fuel use Contact e-mail features are integrated with your BlackBerry device (MUST BE INTEGRATED WITH THE YOUR BLACKBERRY), the second is the "Backup files locally", this option means that backs up to the Device Memory Contact BBM (BlackBerry) or Memory Card.
  7. Because in this section we will discuss the backup by using the e-mail feature, then choose the "Backup files remotely".
  8. Next will appear a list of e-mail that is integrated with your BlackBerry device. Note below your email address, there is writing "Not Registered", this means that backups have not registered with BBM contact your email.
  9. Choose the e-mail addresses that have not integrated it. Then you will see a notification that you are going to register an e-mail address to be used as backup fuel contact, and you are asked to not turn off the BlackBerry device during the registration process takes place.
  10. Press the "Register", it will display a notification "Requesting a verification email to be sent to (EMAIL ADDRESS). This means your BlackBerry was to verify that your email address.
  11. Next came a notification that the verification has been sent to your email. E-mail verification is used by the RIM (Research in Motion) to determine if the email is actually yours.
  12. If the correct e-mail account is yours and is integrated with your BlackBerry device, the BlackBerry device will automatically continue the verification process until you receive notification that your e-mail you have terregister with BlackBerry Messenger.
  13. If the previous posts is the "Not Registered" has been changed to "Register", then e-mail account you have terregister with BlackBerry Contact.

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