Legendary boxer Joe Frazier Dies

Legendary boxer Joe Frazier Dies

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Thursday, November 10, 2011

Latest Boxing News - World boxing lost one of his legend that is Joe Frazier, yes Frazier known to have died from fatal stroke attack cancer of suffering. Boxer who once beat Muhammad Ali died in America at the age of 68 years, the world champion goodbye.

Joe Frazier is a world champion heavyweight boxer who was the only boxer to beat Muhammad Ali. One of the legendary fight is when Frazier met Ali in the Philippines, where both fighters have to compete for 19 rounds. Both boxers fought with all the capacity and energy owned, so the fight seem barbaric until called the best fight of all time.

Now Joe Frazier's death, Muhammad Ali was losing her best friend worst enemy as well. Max-bye Joe Frazier.

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