How to Save Laptop Battery

How to Save Laptop Battery

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Saturday, October 29, 2011

Laptop | notebook | battery - One important element in the laptop is the battery. Long-lasting laptop batteries will assist us in completing the work, especially in an emergency. For example we need to send important documents from outside the office, then the function long battery life is absolutely necessary. Here I give you a way how to save laptop battery:

1. Remove the screen

Screen / Screen is one of the power / flow of the most powerful laptop batteries suck. So set your laptop up to the light at least a minimal level who can be seen by the vision.

2. Change the power settings

If you are using Windows Vista comes with several features that suck power large currents, which allows you to add a hard-earned for the best performance can be realized.

3. Turn off Wi-Fi

One battery sappers is the wireless networking capabilities on a laptop specifically designed for laptops have a function button that allows you to manually disable the wireless adapter. If this happens, simply go to Control Panel, access the Network Connections menu and disable your wireless connection manually.

4. Turn off peripherals

Using USB peripherals can make a big drain on your system, USB sticks, mice and webcams are common offenders, so copy all the information in the device and flows out as quickly as possible, and put up with laptop track pads over your USB mouse. Many laptops have a function key to disable the built-in webcam.

5. Eject the disk drive

If my friend is no longer using a USB (flash) and insert a CD (Compact Disk) should be in the Remove / Reject to reduce electric current expenditures.

6. Adding some hardware that supports and can store more Old Flow

if you need to use your laptop to work all day, you will need the help. Most laptops come with a six-cell battery, but many manufacturers offer eight-or even 12-cell optional upgrades, which has double the power. Alternative to expensive laptop batteries are products such as the Philips Portable Power Pack, which will provide valuable extra hours for all devices. Philips is a compact battery unit that most adapters for laptops and mobile phones, portable enough to be placed in his trouser pocket pal

7. Disable the feature

Windows Vista has some built-in, but a lot of electric current on systems that do not need the buddy run multiple applications in a simple way of turning off Windows Aero and Windows Sidebar

That's the simple tips on how to conserve laptop battery, may be useful.

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