Super Cheap Sale HP Touchpad $ 99, Because Liquidated

Super Cheap Sale HP Touchpad $ 99, Because Liquidated

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Thursday, September 01, 2011

HP TouchPad Sale - HP sent a memo to affiliates so that they give discounts on HP products Touchpad, the new price is $ 99 for the 16GB edition and $ 149 for the 32GB edition, The day after the announcement of the cessation of production of the device WebOS. 

"HP is gaining share over TouchPad Wi-Fi 16GB at the beginning of the week," writes Corcoran. 

"We will focus on the future of the WebOS platform as software but we will no longer produce the WebOS," said Richard Kerris, senior vice president of HP's global developer relations, "This is a difficult decision, but this is what will strengthen our ability to focus on further innovation with WebOS as we would expect in the future."  
HP informed that they would stop making all the WebOS powered devices, including smartphones, 3 Pre, in order to shift the focus to the development of the OS instead of hardware manufacturing, on last Thursday. 

At least two Canadian retailers (Best Buy and Future Shop) has given a big discount, even though the two outlets that restrict the sale until August 22, shortly after it was announced on August 20, as evidence that a delayed fashion is not always a good thing, the white 64GB edition has been appeared on the U.S. site HP, sporting $ 600 asking price, leaving us to wonder, either: why now? If all that was not enough to turn upside down smile, is playing host webOS roundup bad rumor, with what they say is an internal memo from AT & T stated that the launch carrier of theHP TouchPad has "completely canceled".

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