Tips to save battery hp Android OS

Tips to save battery hp Android OS

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tips to save battery hp Android OS - Go to the Settings section, select About and then select Battery Use. It is now evident that most applications which consume a lot of battery energy. If there are applications that are not important, just turn off to make it more efficient.

Once you've done the first way that you need to do is to:

* Screen timeout

Function than the Screen Timeout is to turn off the phone screen for a while, if the phone is not in use. For instance ya, after reading the text, put the phone and see, a few minutes later the phone screen will die, that's Timeout Screen.

Set the time. The less time it breaks, then the battery will be more efficient. The downside of this is to shorten the lag time of discomfort when reading a long text or text that needs to be read in a long time, for example a text from her lover's not really bad all of a sudden the screen off.

* The brightness of the screen

In the default condition, almost all cell phone screen brightness setting on the condition that I think is too bright (I happened to not like the screen is so bright, make eye sore). Just set the brightness of this screen to the right and makes you comfortable when viewing, surely that does not make the pain in the eye. The darker, the battery will be more hemat.Atur by going into the Settings menu and then select Brightness. But do not be too dark also because it can make your eyes hurt, too.

* WiFi and Bluetooth Connection

Turn off features WiFi and Bluetooth when not in use.

* Animated wallpapers

Indeed, the animation makes your phone become more cool. But more precisely, the disabled aktitkan, yes, turn off the animated feature will definitely help to conserve battery power is used.

* 3G or 2G?

Almost the same as gossip Onyx battery that practically efficient by some and wasteful by others, namely the use of 3G signal. The use of 3G will certainly accelerate the process of data transfer and internet, but also more drain on battery power than 2G signal. If converted to 3G, the phone will be more efficient. However, if changed, what's the use of 3G?

* The volume of calls, sms and other notifications

Some like to set the sound calls, sms and notifications in securely. But some are like the setting of moderate. Volume settings and other modes such as vibration will certainly help save the battery. Especially notification feature that could be considered a major cause of the battery to be quickly dropped. If you are an active mailing list email, twitter, facebook and chat applications like Yahoo Messenger, guaranteed battery will run out quickly because the sound notification of a "diligent".

* GPS Synchronization

Update the location is cool, but if the GPS continues to sync to the GPS satellites, even make a quick cell phone battery runs out. When not in use, turn off all the GPS functions. How, go to Settings> Location & Security> My Location> turn off the Use Wireless Metworks & Use GPS Satellites.Efek deadly side of synchronization of the GPS is no operation of mapping features on social network sites such as Foursquare, somersault and Twitter.

* Task Manager

Want to be more diligent in checking the application is running, use Task Manager to monitor him. Sometimes an application running on the "back" even though we do not actually use. Or an application that runs without user's knowledge.

In battery saving Android does require a little sacrifice, namely lawyer-off-the cool features that make your phone look cool. If you want to still look cool, then the sacrifices that must direlakan is quickly drains the battery quickly and surely drop.

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