Review HP Mini 5102 - Specifications, prices, features the HP Mini 5102

Review HP Mini 5102 - Specifications, prices, features the HP Mini 5102

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Monday, August 15, 2011

HP Mini 5102 Review - Specifications, prices, features the HP Mini 5102 - Hewlett Packard (HP) to bring back the latest version of their Mini Note netbook called the HP Mini 5102. Unlike the netbook class with no other swivel screen, this product has brought a touch screen feature.

First, it is a distinct advantage for HP. Moreover, this differentiation is supported by the magnitude of their market share globally for consumer products.

Nevertheless, armed with touch-screen control of OS Windows 7 is a bit odd for a netbook without the swivel screen. For users who are not familiar, definitely a little awkward when you combine a touch screen with the touch of a conventional touchpad. Unlike the case when a notebook does have a swivel screen, such as Lenovo S103-t.
Competition netbook market is currently located in a portable design treats, combined with the price that 'friendly'. Likewise, the HP Mini 5102 is. The design is quite charming and deemed suitable to become second-class PCs for office workers, and academics. Unfortunately the price is not too 'friendly' for the general user.

Typical Design Mini Note

HP Mini Note 5102 comes with a choice of colors: red, blue, and black. Still like the previous series, some parts of this product is combined shades of black like on the keyboard, touchpad, or display frames. The model on review detkINET this time is black.

Wrapped in a magnesium alloy casing material, this product was light as the plastic material some other netbooks. Although lightweight, this netbook feels solid when closed, or taken during the presentation. Unfortunately, these materials are easily soiled by the touch of the hand imprint.

Robustness of the HP Mini 5102 is coupled with the brushed metal style, which is now becoming a trend. Plus the HP logo white circle in the middle of the cover, this netbook looks more classy.

In general, this product looks more bloated than the previous Mini Note series. This is because HP brings a slightly different design to the outskirts of the netbook. And when juxtaposed with the old Mini Note series, not much different ketipisannya size.

One of the advantages of this product at the bottom of the netbook. By design diusungnya, users will be very easy to upgrade or replace the RAM. Users do not even need a screw to remove the cover.

Port HP Mini 5102

On the sides of the netbook, the user will find three USB ports, VGA port, LAN, microphone and earphones, as well as the SDHC slot.

At the top of the keyboard, there are two shortcut buttons: the web browser and email application, which can also be used on the HP Quick Start without going into Windows first.

At the front left side there is a switch wi-fi button, and indicator lights HP Drive Guard technology. This technology secures our hard drives to shock, to reduce the risk of damage or lost data.

Display and Touch Screen Features

Products are tested by default, this time featuring a resolution of 1024x600, with capacitive touch screen which has supported multi-touch features.

In addition, the HP Mini 5102 this time also comes with the OS Windows 7 Professional Edition, which is certainly very supportive features a touch screen. For those not accustomed to be a little difficult when trying to do right-click. And how easy. Just press and hold the pointer at one point, and a circle of right-click options will appear.

Just as products equipped with touch screens had OS other Windows 7, users could feel new sensations can be browsing with touch-screen multi-touch. Certainly feels more responsive.

One thing that is unfortunate as we mentioned above, this netbook screen can not be played. As a result feels a little weird and awkward when we played touch screen, with a combination of touchscreen and keyboard.

Granted this is not the tablets and netbooks like the Lenovo-t or Asus S103 Eee PC T101MT. If truth be told to add a touch screen feature on a conventional netbook, will not mean much.

Performance of the HP Mini 5102

In testing the battery this time, detikINET trying to burden this netbook with a benchmark test, using Battery Mark Imtec in fast mode. HP Mini 5102 The results can last for 6 hours 7 minutes, with the condition of the processor load average above 90 percent.

For other needs such as YouTube to watch streaming full HD, as well as doing the work of multi-tasking office, the HP Mini 5102 is far more smoothly than the previous Mini Note series. This is all because the latest Intel Atom processor N470 (1.83 GHz), with 2GB of RAM memory.

When tested for browsing, typing with Microsoft Office, while listening to the file. Mp3, netbook is running quite smoothly. In addition equipped with Microsoft Office 2007 (60 days trial), HP also put other Office applications are Corel Home Office version 5.

Unfortunately the body of this laptop a little warm, with fan noise that sounded a little noisy hard drive. For information, this product is equipped with a model hardsik speed 7200rpm. While some of the other netbooks that are present today mostly use a speed of 5400rpm, or 4200rpm.

For the audio business, this product is quite standard for a netbook. Bass inaudible, voice a little shrill. As for the video business, the HP Mini 5120 proved to be very smooth to watch streaming HD video (720p) or Full HD (1020p) on YouTube.


HP Mini 5102 is a suitable second computer used by a class of office workers or academics. Maybe that's apt description to describe this product, with all design and performance diusungnya.

This netbook proved able to continue the charm HP Mini Note. That's still coupled with a touch-screen differentiation are present in it. Unfortunately it is also likely to be a weakness.

According detikINET, loyal user series HP Mini Note netbook who want to upgrade to this series, certainly not many complaints. Another brand new users who try this product definitely a little awkward. Especially for the price.

HP is positioning itself for the netbook class. Products that tested this time priced in the market at a price of USD 599 or approximately Rp. 5.3 millions, armed with the OS Windows 7 Professional Edition.

+ There is a touch screen
+ The position of the battery is more cleanly

- No swivel screen, reducing the convenience of touch screen
- Notebook bit noisy
- Cover dirty easily

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