Review Acer Tablet Iconia Tab A100 - Performance - Graphic - batteries - price

Review Acer Tablet Iconia Tab A100 - Performance - Graphic - batteries - price

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Acer Iconia Tab A100 is not the first tablet is manufactured by Acer, but this tablet is the first tablet that uses Google's operating system Androd Honeycomb. Acer Iconia Tab A100 sold for less than the previous tablets. Iconia Tab A100 16 GB version priced at $ 349, while the 8 GB version priced at $ 329, so just add $ 20 can get more storage.
Want to know more details about the Acer Iconia Tab A100? please read the full review Acer Iconia Tab A100 below

Acer tablet design Iconia Tab A100
Acer Iconia Tab A100 measuring 7.6 x 4.5 x 0.5 inches and weighs 0.92 pounds, the size and weight are almost the same with Samsung and HTC Galaxy Tab Flayer. The design of this tablet also almost identical to its predecessor the Acer Iconia Tab A500 with a taper in setipa corner.

The front of the Acer Iconia Tab A100 surrounded by glossy black plastic, the front camera is at the top when held upright (portrait), then there are touch sensitive buttons below the screen.
The back of the tablet is coated with dark gray plastic with the Toshiba logo in the center, then over there behind the powerful 5 MP camera equipped with flash. please note that the predecessor Iconia Tab A500 aluminum coated with a premium, but the price is more expensive at $ 399

Part edges of tablets has also been equipped with a number of ports that are useful, such as 3.5 mm headphone jack, a switch-lock rotation, the bar for the volume rocker, a MicroSD card reader, port MicroHDMI, exclusive jack, microUSB port and a charger. But in Iconia Tab A100 is not available USB port on Iconia large size as the A500.

Screen and Audio tablets Acer Iconia Tab A100
Acer Iconia Tab A100 uses reolusi 7-inch screen with 1024 x 600 pixels, the size and resolution is the same as in tablets Samsung and HTC Galaxy Flyer. When tested by the team to watch movie trailers laptopmag Battleship on youtube, the picture looks blue sea, and weapons from the ship looks fiery red. Suduh horizontal vision is good enough for three people who look around the screen.
Review Acer Tablet Iconia Tab A100 - Performance - Graphic - batteries - price
Speakers at the Acer Tablet Iconia Tab A100 is capable of producing a loud sound. These tablets are also equipped with Dolby Mobile contro panel when using headphones.

Display User Interface (UI) and Software Acer tablet Iconia Tab A100
Acer Iconi Tab A100 is the first 7-inch tablet from Toshiba that has been using the Android OS 3.2 or honeycomb. Like other tablets Android Honeycomb, several icons at the edges of the screen. In the bottom left there is a back button, homoe, and the latest application that displays thumbnail of the new program is displayed. In the bottom right displays the time, access to settings and for new notifications like email. Meanwhile in the top right there is a button to display the list of applications installed, then to left side there is a google search bar.
Review Acer Tablet Iconia Tab A100 - Performance - Graphic - batteries - price

Unlike HTC or Samsung Galaxy Flyer Tab 10.1, Acer tablet Iconia A100 does not show additional features, such as Sense or TocuhWiz

although not equipped with special additional features, but the Acer Iconia Tab A100 there are a number of useful applications and utilities, such as, which allows users to stream multimedia content wirelessly via DLNA. NemoPlayer (for multimedia), Internet radio Aupeo, Documents to Go, and Social Jogger, which combines Twitter and Facebook into a single display interface, so users can keep an eye on both social networks at the same time.

Camera Acer tablet Iconia Tab A100
Acer Iconia Tab A100 has been equipped with a powerful 5 MP camera back. When tested the video recording, the results are just plain ordinary. When tested by Tim Laptopmag, video recordings in the room seemed rough and the colors appear dim. When outdoors video looks sharp, but still dull color.
When used for photographing, the result looks better if sufficient lighting. But if less light, the result is less than the maximum.
Front of a powerful camera of 2 MP is not so good, but it is sufficient if for just video chat. When meakukan video calls, it is advisable to use vertical mode (portrait mode), as if on a horizontal or landscape mode, the camera will be located to one side, not in the middle. so callers will see one side of the user's face, unless the user to adjust.

Acer tablet Performance Iconia Tab A100
Acer Iconia Tab A100 was powered by the Nvidia Tegra 2 processor and 1GB of RAM. The window is opened quickly, the screen can be rotated smoothly (although there are occasional half-second pause), and the gameplay is perfect.
Test results from with An3Dbench Laptopmag team, Acer Iconia Tab A100 scored 8081, about 1,200 points above the average of similar tablets, but still below the asus EeePad the score reaches 8579 Transformer
Meanwhile, for the storage capacity is 8 GB or 16 GB, depending on the version you want to use. users can also add storage capacity to 32 GB via MicroSD card

Specifications and price options tablets Acer Iconia Tab A100
Acer Iconia Tab A100 is available in two specifications (which differ only storage capacity) and price. Acer Iconia Tab A100-07u16u with 16 GB of storage sells for $ 349, and Acer Iconia Tab A100-07u08u with a storage capacity of 8 GB worth $ 329 dijuga

Battery life Acer tablet Iconia Tab A100
Acer said that the party Iconia Tab A100 uses a battery 1530 mAh Li-polymer, able to survive up to five hours in the use of internet browsing via wifi, four hours of web video streaming, and 4.5 hours to play 720p video.

However, when tested by a team laptopmag, what was said by Acer is not entirely true, while browsing the internet via wifi, battery turu laptopmag record up to 26 percent after 4 hours 3 minutes. so that Acer could take up to 5 hours 28 minutes, is longer than the Acer name. but this is still below the average of similar tablets that can last up to 6 hours 44 minutes

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