My experience with iPod Touch

My experience with iPod Touch

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Wednesday, August 17, 2011

iPod Touch - Hehe after all this time saving and transformation, which starts from the Blackberry Curve 8320 and then changed to Samsung Star Wifi, until eventually turned into a gadget that has long been my dream, hehe .. and the gadget is the iPod Touch 8GB! hehe .. this is the first Apple gadget that I bought with the saving mode, it feels more satisfied hehe .. and of course before buying this stuff, I must consider many things until finally dared to say "say yes, I take one ..".

As per my promise, I will write my review about the iPod Touch after I bought it, and this is proof of my words, and this time I will try to write it completely as + clearly as possible, hopefully this article can be useful to readers ..

8GB iPod Touch, a portable player arable Apple inc, portable player that was once just a square with a small screen portable player has now become multi-functional, multifunctional why? look at its course, can browse the internet, email, gaming, music, video player, notepad, calculator, alarm, calendar etc are certainly very useful, hehe .. with a design that resembles an iPhone, iPod comes with a size that is beyond my expectations! hhmm .. want to know more let dibacaa jelasnyaa .. yuk .. : D

with some relatives

"Luhh size is smaller than the iPhone ya ..", that's my question the first time ya open this gadget from the box a little, hehe .. abis usually see the iPhone suddenly see the iPod was shocked as well, thinner size, which in My language twipwis'e poll, although the screen size are both 3.5 "inches, but the body size of the iPod is slightly smaller than the iPhone, although, at first glance this gadget will look similar to the iPhone, as my boss said" like plek wes karo iphone .. ", that's what he said when he saw me testing the iPod when using powered speakers, hehe .. let alone much for opening, for greater clarity and detail, will start from post below ..

1. Price

8GB iPod Touch I bought this at a price of Rp. 1.775 million, in the Authorised resellers of course in HiTech Mall, 75ribu cheaper than buying in stores that only Authorised resellers, hehe .. so I bought at the store, by paying cash, then the item is automatically licensed to mine Personally, hehe .. for the price mark manifold, before I buy an iPod, I also conduct monitoring in the share space, there is a sell from Rp. 1.7 million to the most expensive there is Rp. 1,500,000, it is still the opening price, and the average of those received nego, who certainly negotiable fine, hehe ..

"Luhh smaller size ya .. ama iPhone", that's the very first impression as well as words that came out of my mouth when ya counter opening the iPod box, hhmm is smaller and also much more tepis, which is usually held the iPhone could fit in the hand, now have to get used to type with a thinner .. (Real thin iPod amit ne), when first turned on, reminding me with the look of the iPhone 3G 16GB, equally innocent when first turned on, hehe .. there are two icons that are not visible on the main screen of the iPod, that features sms and telephone, hehe ..

yaa very plain appearance initially HS? hehe


the back scratches easily .. ~, ~

With the size of a thinner and smaller than the iPhone, of course, will give a different experience when held in hand, feels lighter and airy in the hand, hehe .. the front of the iPod is scratch-resistant glass, a small scratch would mean so much to the screen this, but it certainly would be a problem when we scratched deliberately let alone with sharp objects, hehe .. the part that I most worry about is the rear body of this phone that looks made of electrically conductive metal such, I felt an electric shock abis occasional bit fit the iPod is connected to other electronic devices ..


a.Music Player (Music)

ipod music player

Nahh, I think this is the main feature of the iPod Touch, a portable music player device which is certainly no doubt its quality, from the era of small-screen iPod design that was still stiff today the iPod Touch with a sweet widescreen design, sound quality is still good music player in the ears, the music output via the headset is very comfortable in the ear, the balance between bass and treble so right, even when playing music I did not find any sound that broke when I put on some music with high volume.

Siiperantau said "truly a professional music player!", Is true only when the device is said to be a professional in the music player business, we will be treated with a browser-style display album flows with smooth and sweet, smooth movement without fractures really spoil users, equalizer we can adjust to taste us, one of EQ that I use most often is the Bass Booster, voice output really will feel so soft and comfortable, using either a headset or speakers are active, the strain of bass that comes out feels really smooth and soft, the excess else also I feel that we can hear every instrument on the song that we play with a clear, even surroundnya effect was felt, in my own, the iPod music player is more comfortable than my Nokia 5800 XM .. J

b.Video Player (Videos)

watch Transporter 3

Aside from being a music player, the iPod Touch can also be used to play the video with mp4 format, wide screen 3.5 "inches at a ratio of 4:3 in my opinion is just right and comfortable to watch movies, when I first bought this iPod, I tried watching the movie Transporter 3, amazing images and sounds once generated, especially if we set the volume at maximum volume, it will feel like watching at the cinema, even the sound of bullets falling to the ground was clear sound .. J

c.Photo browser (Photos)

Attendance Photo Browser on the iPod Touch is also a plus for portable devices made by Apple, with the presence of Photo Browser, we can insert images via iTunes from your laptop / PC, we, in the same way when we use the iPhone, by selecting the folder which photos we enter and hit 'sync', then the synchronization process will take place, a very short time required to transfer tens or even hundreds of pictures with varying sizes. Every photo that we send to the iPod will be prepared in accordance with the existing folders in the laptop / PC so that we can neatly arrange them in order and in accordance with his album, but of course all the photos from each folder will be entered in the Photo Library. Viewing photos on the iPod Touch the same when we use an iPhone, can rub your finger on the screen, feature zoomingnya was the same as the iPhone, the photos appear too sharp and pleasing to the eye with a roomy screen ..

That is the added value for me, so choose the iPod Touch, but can as a music player, we can also surf via wifi, it's multifunctional gadgets on this one. Browser used is the same with the iPhone, that is the Safari browser, when I tried it for internet browsing on my campus hotspot, the process of loading a page feels fast, it looks as if we were browsing via a PC / laptop, this thing I try when opening Kaskus, it looks exactly equal to surf via your PC / Laptop. I do not know how many page limit that can be opened, but in my estimation would be similar to the iPhone is 8 pages (open in new tab), if we want to keep the photo from the internet pages, we simply held our finger on the photo that we choose will then appear some options, that later we can save the photos.

e. Mail

Hehe here's my mainstay application when it is connected to the hotspot, as a child I had to clear a student can save, and save the most appropriate way is to surf at free hotspots, hehe this way I can find my email account inbox, here we can also register a different email account, with the ease of setup, then we can immediately connected with our email account, send email to any action I did not find any problems, really smooth .. J

f. Organiser


Nahh, organizer applications which I mean here is a calculator, calendar, notes, contacts and hours are already available directly in the iPod Touch. Calculator on iPod touch with iPhone, a calculator that when we use it to portrait position then it will only appear as a standard calculator, but when we turned it into landscape calculator then automatically turned into a complete scientific calculator with a cool effect. Calendar also plays an important role here as a reminder (reminder) for us who frequent schedule, with the calendar feature that we can fill with alarm and reminder allows us to set up a schedule. Notes on this phone is also very important for those who frequently recorded every important activity that will be undertaken, notes on the iPod Touch has the same look with a note on the iPhone (obviously the same lah hehe yes, right pake same OS). The presence of contacts on the iPod Touch allows you to store telephone numbers. And the last is the Clock (Clock), clock on the iPod is also equipped with an alarm that we can set its alarm sound, but there is also an alarm timer and stopwatch. There are also features on the iPhone Voice Memos kyak 3G/3GS, but could not be used because of the headset that we get when buying the 8GB version is not included microfone, so we have to buy it separately or use our iPhone headset, hehe .. x)

g. iOS 4

using IOS 4.0.2

After I bought the iPod Touch this, I immediately upgraded it to the IOS 4.0.2 which means it can not use JailbreakMe, the presence of IOS 4 on the iPod Touch as a half-half, the absence of features homescreen homescreen backround wallpaper to display a dark black with a dock-style IOS 4, was disappointing, the absence of features of 'multitasking half-half' also makes me surprised, with the same iOS4 file size (about 328 MB) with the iPhone 3G, but there are some features that are not present, but besides that, there are also some advantages important in iOS4 present on the iPod Touch, the presence of a previous flight mode I do not find in version 3.1.2 when I first bought the iPod Touch, with a flight mode make us free to use the iPod while traveling by plane (very important neh), in addition to It features create playlists via the iPod Touch also has been present here, so not only via iTunes to create playlists, but can also directly via the iPod Touch. Using the iPod has supported iOS4 iBooks application to read PDF files, this is one of the most important applications in my opinion .. J


In addition to some of the features I mentioned above, we can also add games and applications that can be downloaded via the iTunes Store / AppStore, even though sekitas play games on the iPod Touch as comfortable while playing the game via the iPhone, I felt something different when I play gaming via iPod and iPhone, the display on the iPhone 3G feels more smooth and real.

5.Batterei power

For once a full charge, I can use the iPod for a full day and that too has not been exhausted, that when normal use, but the resistance will decline with the use of wifi connection and a music player / video, when I tried browsing the internet about 45 minutes, the rear iPod feels a bit hot and battery bar seen reduced by about 10-15%, it only uses wifi browsing activities and send email, I do not know how long it takes when the battery charge from empty, but for charging the battery normal circumstances surrounding 60-80% takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

6. Conclutions

iPod Touch music player is the most comfortable I have ever had, the price of Rp. 1.775 million I think it fits with what we get, portable multifunction device is perfect for those of you who like to use music and watching movies, even for a fun game play is also very suitable, for a hobby to read as well, hehe .. not complete? this was the right choice if you already have a cell phone so it will feel complete, but if you do not already have a cell phone and desperately need the phone, I do not recommend to buy this, because of course the iPod Touch can not be used for sms and telefonan, although there are applications that can VoiP, but still it will be different with the phone, better use of existing money to buy mobile phones alone, hehe .. it's advice from my luhh yes, the phone willing to sacrifice for the sake of buying an iPod Touch, is it difficult to later communications with families and friends ..

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