Latest gadget news - review iPad 2

Latest gadget news - review iPad 2

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Review iPad 2 - latest gadget news, About a year ago, Apple surprised the world of computing by presenting a unique digital device, ie 9.7-inch touch screen tablet that seems to correspond with what is expected by the consumer.

Some call it the Apple iPhone in large sizes, but not all of them agreed to this title. Then a few weeks later came the new competitors who also presents similar devices with the Android operating system, especially the manufacturer from china that offer prices far cheaper, and also the name is a bit like the iPad for example, iped, apad, and others. Although many competitors offer very low prices, Apple iPad is still sold in the market and many devotees.

Now Apple is presenting an advanced version of the iPad earlier, is named new iPad iPad 2. What is the latest of these 2 iPad? Here's a little review iPad 2 sourced from

iPad 2 comes with a 241mm high, 186mm wide and 8.6mm thick, covered with white, smaller than the previous IPAD and thinner than the iPhone 4, and a curved edge.

The most dramatic changes is the weight. The first blackberry weighs 680 grams, while the iPad 2 only 80g, is much lighter than the first iPad. Overall, the new design is pretty fantastic

latest gadgets news reviews blackberry 2

On iPad 2 is added also two cameras, one for photos and one for video chat. Backed with quality graphics faster iPad 2 is able to bring more powerful video game. It is also equipped with HD resolution HDMI port that allows users to connect iPad on other devices that support HDMI with good image quality.

But in this second iPad one thing has not changed, namely the price. Price iPad iPad 2 with the first, namely £ 439 for 16 GB model with WIFI. Prices will increase £ 100 or more if you want to get a model with higher storage.

latest gadgets news reviews blackberry 2

A5 with the latest Dual Core processors designed by ARM, and also has a larger memory of 512 MB, (larger than the first iPad is only 256 MB), iPad 2 able to move two times faster than the first iPad. Applications such as iMovie and GarageBand can run faster.

When tested by rotating your iPod media on the first and iPad iPad 2 with music and movie files are the same. Here, the visible difference in speed between the first and IPAD IPAD 2. iPad 2 has a faster loading speed than the first iPad.

latest gadgets news reviews blackberry 2

How friend? Are you interested to buy iPad 2? if I still feel a lot better just buy a laptop ... at a price of £ 439 was able to get a laptop with a fairly good quality. But if you want to buy it go ahead...

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