HP ProBook 5220m - Businessman Notebook

HP ProBook 5220m - Businessman Notebook

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Monday, August 15, 2011

Review HP ProBook 5220m - Indonesia has recently launched HP notebook ProBook 5220m. bodynya are thin, lightweight and supportive business computing device makes it suitable for business people and employees who have high mobility.

HP''deeply understand the professional needs of business computing devices such as notebooks, where consideration not only the high technical specifications, but also on the value of ergonomics and its ability to support self-actualization,''said Managing Director of Personal Systems Group HP Indonesia Megawaty Khie.
The combination of a complete office applications and a thin body and light weight makes the HP ProBook 5220m as a notebook that is right for businesses and employees of high mobility.
According to him, toughness performance, attractive design, light weight and compact and can be fulfilled through HP ProBook 5220m. Parties 5220m series HP claims it has differences with the previous series ProBook. Prominent changes seen in the finishing layer of aluminum and more compact body design. Dimensions, 290x212x24, 3 mm. Weight, 1.5 kilograms.

Attractive lines on metal surfaces is done subtly. The combination of lightweight design and smooth finish which makes the 5220m series as a product that not only convenient to carry, but also wonderful views.

As the first generation ProBook series, 5220m is also free of mercury and has a unique keyboard design and technological spill-resistant. Spill-resistant technology to work to protect critical and sensitive components from damage due to spilled coffee or soda water.

HP ProBook 5220m is also equipped with features HP QuickLook 3, HP QuickWeb, HP DayStarter and HP Power Assistant. 3 HP QuickLook allows you to access email, calendar, schedule of events and contact information in seconds without having to boot-up. HP QuickWeb allows users to access various web sites quickly and easily in just seconds and not have to wait for boot-up Windows Operating System.

HP DayStarter provides a summary schedule for the following day and the battery status at boot-up Windows Operating System. HP Power Assistant serves to control power consumption so batteries can be extended operating life. HP Power Assistant feature is useful for use in the field.

To ProBook 5220, HP installed an Intel Calpella platform, 12.1-inch LED screen, HDMI, three USB slot, webcam, card reader, D-Sub port and a wifi connection b / g / n.

Available in a choice of models with the latest Intel (R) Core (TM) i3 or Intel (R) Core (TM) i5 low voltage but with higher performance, the HP ProBook 5220m produced a brilliant display on the 12.1-inch LED screen at a resolution 1280 Ã-800 pixel, equipped with port-port D-Sub, HDMI, 3 USB, webcam, card reader, and wireless connection Wi-Fi b / g / n.

Webcams contained in the 5220m ProBook supported also by software ArcSoft Camera Suite is equipped with WebCam Companion application. Applications it is useful to take and edit video.

Other software contained in it is ClickPad and Corel Home Office. ClickPad equipped with motion recognition (gesture) that supports the process of rolling up the page (scroll), enlarge or shrink, and rotate images.

Corel Home Office is a package of office applications for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. Applications it is compatible with Microsoft Office and is provided in the trial version for 60 days.

Available operating system consists of three options, namely Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Batteries have a four and six cell. That way, the notebook can be used within about four hours.

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