Advantages and Disadvantages of HP TouchPad

Advantages and Disadvantages of HP TouchPad

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Monday, August 15, 2011

More and Less Value - Web OS Tablet, Touchpad Hewlett-Packard, have many advantages and disadvantages. Specification more suitable for business professionals. HP TouchPad out at a timely moment, when iPad tablet battle with Android and BlackBerry Playbook.
TouchPad was forecast to compete with Apple iPad. But it turns out both have different target markets. iPad more target market who are looking for entertainment, while the TouchPad does not have a lot of multimedia features, entertainment, and gaming.

But for those who want a desktop tablet to work, TouchPad is the right tool. Inside is a web-based business applications, e-mail, instant messaging, contacts, calendar, etc.. Suitable for executives, managers, IT administrators, etc..

The surplus, TouchPad have a great multitasking capabilities. He can run a variety of applications, browsers, or multiple windows at once.

Business people need this kind of ability, because their work requires the ability to collect various information. They also have to do it while calling, SMS, or chatting at once.

TouchPad it all possible. Automated notification system, multitasking capabilities, interactions, and browsing is also good. Inside Flash are better equipped than the tablets Android, but still not as smooth as Flash on a BlackBerry Playbook.

But TouchPad have shortcomings, among other performances are less consistent; sometimes fast, sometimes slow, though it is not to crash. There also are complaining about its rather fat and heavy. Classic designed curved corner, but it is black and not silver, the material is too plastic and not aluminum.

Another deficiency is the lack of facilities or specific applications for entertainment music, movies, and games. But for the professionals, this course does not really matter.

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