10 Facts About Infertility: Why can not I get pregnant soon?

10 Facts About Infertility: Why can not I get pregnant soon?

Posted by Raden Wijaya on Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pregnancy Miracle - Whether you're struggling to get pregnant? Are you frustrated, or angry because you do not get pregnant despite all the efforts you have done? If you answered yes, then let me tell you about the 10 facts about infertility that can hinder a person to get pregnant.

You may often wonder, why do not I get pregnant soon? To be able to get pregnant, there are two conditions that must be met, namely the couple should have intercourse fertility and timing must be precise. If you are not pregnant, you and your partner might have fertility problems or not having sex at the right time. 10 Understanding the basic facts about infertility following can help you figure out the problem.

1. If your partner is difficult to have children, there must be an error on the part of women.

It's wrong. Both men and women could have a role to difficulties having children. The three main causes of infertility are sperm problems, ovulation problems, and problems of the fallopian tubes. About 20% of all infertility cases are caused by the male alone, 40% by the female alone, and 10% are caused by both. The rest could not be found the problem.

2. Sperm can survive for several days.

It's right. Sperm can survive up to 5 days in the right environment, such as in the cervix, uterus and fallopian tubes. That's why you still get pregnant even though the new ovulate on day 5 after sex.

However, most sperm will die within 1-2 days after ejaculation, even in the womb. In other environments, such as the vagina, the sperm only survive a few hours. Outside the human body and are exposed to open air, the sperm will die within minutes.

3. Orgasm increases the chances of pregnancy.

It's wrong. A woman should not get an orgasm to get pregnant. Even a man does not have to get a full orgasm to impregnate his wife. He can release semen into the vagina before having an orgasm (pre-ejaculate sperm). There are opinions that say pregnancy will be more easily achieved if a woman have an orgasm, but that opinion is not and can never be proven conclusively.

4. Good health can prevent the decline in fertility due to age factor.
It's wrong. One of the most common myths is that good health can maintain the level of fertility. They think that if they take care of yourself by eating and exercising properly, they will not decrease fertility.

But it was not true. Fertility decreases with increasing age, regardless of the condition of our health. In most women, fertility begins to decline in the mid-twenties. As shown in the graph at right, women are at peak fertility at ages 20 to 24 years. After that age the possibility of pregnancy has declined sharply while the likelihood of infertility increases sharply. Men can remain fertile for longer but male fertility still decline with age, although not dramatically.

5. Infertility can not be treated or are too expensive to treat.

It's wrong. Many couples mistakenly judged that they did not get pregnant without ever consulting a doctor. They assume that nothing can be done or if they see a doctor it would be very expensive medical bills. This misunderstanding makes many couples do not seek medical advice on problems that may in fact be treated easily and inexpensively. In 85-95% of cases, infertility can be treated by conventional medicine and surgical correction of the reproductive organs.

If you are not pregnant a year after they were trying to get pregnant or you have irregular menstrual cycles or having basal body temperature chart with no ovulation, then you should consult with a physician. Some types of fertility treatments are expensive, but many also cheap.

6. Your pregnancy is very small chance if you only have sex after ovulation.

It's right. To increase the chances of your pregnancy, you should have sex regularly, especially on the days you are fertile. For that, you need to know how to calculate your fertile period. You need to have sex regularly twice a day in your fertile period. You can just have sex every day at that time, but it did not improve the chances of your pregnancy.

7. The best time to have sex is on the 14th day of your menstrual cycle.

It's wrong. The best time to get pregnant quickly is to have sex regularly within 4-5 days before and on the day of ovulation. No specific study day or best time to have sex so you can get pregnant.

8. Certain sex positions to give greater opportunity to conceive.

It's right. The missionary position is one of the best sex positions for getting pregnant. The missionary position is the most optimal for conception, although you can get pregnant with any sexual position.

In the traditional missionary position, you lie on your back with legs spread and knees bent. The husband was on facing you. Another variation of this position, among others, is you pick up one or both legs, and her husband hold it or put on his shoulders. The missionary position supports for pregnancy because the vagina is tilted downward toward the cervix, making it easier for sperm to pass through the cervix and into the uterus. In addition, the missionary position allows the penis to penetrate deeper into the vagina, so sperm can enter the cervix more quickly and right after ejaculation.

In addition to the missionary position, sex positions from behind where you are kneeling or prone also allows sperm radiated close to the cervix.

9. Stress can cause infertility.

It's right. Stress can delay ovulation by pressing the hormone. If your stress affects the quality of work or your life, your fertility may also be affected. However, if your stress is still mild fertility is usually unaffected. Except, if it makes you so reluctant to have sex.

10. Certain lifestyle can reduce male fertility.

It's right. Most male infertility problems are due to the quality or quantity of poor sperm. To produce good sperm, the testicles (scrotum / testicles) should be at optimum temperature is slightly lower than body temperature. That is why the testes hang away from the body in the scrotum (scrotum). Men with low sperm counts are advised to minimize lifestyle that can make the testicles overheating, such as wearing tight pants, too long to put the laptop on my lap, or frequent use of the spa / steam shower. Smoking and use of psychotropic medications (such as marijuana, cocaine) may also reduce the sperm count or cause abnormal sperm morphology.

In conclusion, if you want to change the barren and pregnant fast soon ... without drugs, without risky surgery, without the typical Infertility treatment, and without side effects, then apply the 10 facts about infertility at the top right now. I guarantee and I got the results to prove it!

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